Does PG&E New Shutdown Policy Affect You?

Last weekend, PG&E shut down a number of residential areas in the area as a preventative measure for fire season. This could be the norm with its new policy. Educate yourself on PG&E’s new shutdown policy, how it could affect you, and what you can do to make sure your home isn’t compromised by a grid shutdown.

The recent string of wildfires the past few years have been partially attributed to PG&E power lines. Having declared bankruptcy amid billions in lawsuits, the company has decided their lines won’t contribute to the sparking or spreading of wildfires if they’re simply not turned on.

Are Rolling Blackouts Necessary?

Public utilities say they are. Last year, PG&E power lines were attributed to helping to spark the Camp Fire, which killed 85 people and burned 20,000 structures last summer. Last weekend, PG&E announced that it may shut off power in several North State counties (including Solano and Napa) on Saturday to help reduce the risk of wildfire.The utility said that the potential power shut-offs could be within the next 18-36 hours. 

How Can I Protect My North Bay Home?

If you are operating on solar power, you might already be on the right path. But for most homeowners that operate on gas or electric heat pump, a backup generator is the answer. Moore Home Services installs Generac backup generators of all sizes. A backup generator can ensure your home stays powered:

  • During any rolling blackouts issued by PG&E
  • Major storms
  • So your food doesn’t spoil
  • If you have an electric sump pump
  • You have a property in the area that is vacant for extended time
  • You can minimize downtime if you’re working from home

Moore offers a worry-free guarantee on our backup generator installation and a lifetime warranty on workmanship. We also offer flexible financing solutions – we’ll do the paperwork for you!

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