HALO 5: The Best Whole House Water Filter

Ensure every drop of water in your Santa Rosa home is filtered, conditioned, and pure.

Never deal with bottled water or single filters again with a whole house water filter!

What is the HALO 5 and why is it the best whole house water filter for Santa Rosa, and surrounding counties?

The HALO 5 is whole house water filter that uses smart technology to remove harmful contaminates from water; this clean water is then dispersed throughout your entire home for pure water Whole House Water Filterfrom every faucet. Some of the benefits of the HALO 5 include:

  • Clean, reliable drinking water from every faucet in the house
  • Cleaner dishes, straight from the dishwasher
  • Clothing is softer and lasts longer
  • Showers and baths always leave you feeling refreshed
  • Your home is cleaner and tidying up is easier

In addition to keeping your home clean, the HALO 5 whole house water filter helps ensure the longevity of your entire plumbing system. Its innovative filtration system removes harmful and corrosive particles from the water supply including: pesticides, bleach, nitrogen, salts, and bacteria. This clean water will reduce any buildup or scale that will eventually hurt your pipes and lead to costly repairs. 

Why Do I Want a Whole House Filter?

When rainwater falls from the sky, it’s pure and free of chemicals and minerals. Once that water filters over land and into aquifers, natural minerals find their way into the water. Additionally, some water companies put disinfectants like chlorine into their water supply. While some of these chemicals and minerals are beneficial, some of them aren’t. A whole house water filter removes excess chemicals and minerals, ensuring all the water in your home is clean, safe, and tasty. 

The HALO 5 Whole House Water Filter Is Maintenance Free

When homeowners address issues with hard water or water purification, they often turn to water softeners or other solutions that involve constant upkeep. One of the best things about the HALO 5 is that you can set it and forget it.

No additional systems or solutions are needed
With the HALO 5, homeowners don’t need any salts, water softeners or conditioners. The filtration is in the system itself, no extra work required. Once you set up the HALO 5, you can forget it. 

The HALO 5 Cleans Itself
Never worry about extra cleaning! The HALO 5 is a smart filtration system that’s programmed to clean itself every week. No need to wonder if your system is clean or when the next maintenance call is.

Don’t Worry About Excess Waste or Pollution
The HALO 5 whole house water filter is an eco-friendly solution for clean water. Other systems can waste up to 150 gallons of water every week, whereas the HALO 5 does not use any conditioning products, making water safe to reuse and safe for the environment. 

Curious About a Whole House Water Filter? Call Moore Home Services! 

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