Exceptional Kenwood HVAC

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Exceptional Kenwood HVAC

Moore Home Services has exceptional Kenwood heating and air conditioning. Our technicians are experienced specialists who know exactly how to restore and elevate your home through superior HVAC solutions. Thousands of homeowners trust us each year for long lasting results!

On top of excellent technical service, we offer the best customer care. We put you and your home first. Appointments are hassle free. Your team arrives on time and fully prepared. There are no delays or surprise charges. We also never push products or services on you.

Moore Home Services promises the best experience with heating and air conditioning in Kenwood. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Install Air Conditioning in Kenwood

Do you need new air conditioning in Kenwood? You might if you have:

  • Expensive and/or recurring repairs
  • Resized your home
  • Pay too much for air conditioning
  • A unit older than 10 years
  • General discomfort

The average AC unit should last about 10 years, depending on usage and care habits. However, after a decade, energy efficiency significantly declines and the unit is prone to several big repairs. Consequently, a brand new air conditioner may be the smarter option. Plus, today’s HVAC technology has advanced so far that modern units can do more for less than ever before.

Talk about what kind of air conditioner you want and need with your technician. The unit installed in your home must be measured for your house in order for it to work safely and efficiently. We recommend that all homeowners work with an installation specialist for perfect results.

Think about what you want out of:

  • Reliability
  • Budget
  • Indoor air quality
  • Humidity
  • Control
  • Access
  • Cooling power
  • Alternative options

When speaking with your specialist, also be sure to mention any special concerns. For example, do you have a family member who is particularly sensitive to low indoor air quality? We have a solution for it.

We also want you to be perfectly happy with your new air conditioning in Kenwood, which is why we also offer a:

  • Duct inspection by a third party
  • AC tuneup
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty
  • Equipment warranty, purchased on your behalf

Trust Moore Home Services for a smooth and easy installation for high quality AC in Kenwood.

Repair Heating in Kenwood

Superior Air Conditioning, Furnace and Plumbing Services in Marin

While many homeowners fear making repairs, they are a terrific way to restore healthy, safe, reliable and efficient heating in Kenwood. Repairs help the furnace work better and last longer.

It is important that when you need furnace repairs, you call immediately. Waiting too long allows damage to spread, causes complications and even permanent damage. In severe cases, repairs disable the entire unit, prompting the need for new equipment.

It’s rather simple to detect pending heating repairs. Your heater behaves abnormally. For example, you might experience:

  • Irregular heating cycles
  • Inaccurate temperature
  • Low or absent air flow
  • Smelly air
  • Decline in energy efficiency
  • Higher utility bills
  • Loud or bothersome noises

If you have lost complete control over the furnace, do not attempt to shut it down or jumpstart it. Doing either of these things can cause serious and permanent damage to the furnace, resulting in enormous service costs. Instead, call for help as soon as you can.

Get the Best Kenwood HVAC from Moore Home Services

You deserve a happy and healthy home through superior heating and air conditioning in Kenwood. Our high quality services and expert technicians will get you there. Moore Home Services is dedicated to making your home life the best it can be.

For outstanding care, work with our specialists. Please contact us today to make an appointment.

Need AC Or Heating Service Fast? We’re Here For You! At Moore Home Services, we’ve been providing affordable, heating and AC services to residents in the Northern Bay Area for over a decade!

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