Extend the Lifetime of Your Plumbing System with a Yearly Safety Inspection

When was the last time you had your plumbing inspected? If you can’t answer, it’s time to call the experts at Moore Home Services. Without proper maintenance, it’s easy for small plumbing and rooter headaches to become large, expensive problems. As we like to say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Take care of your plumbing today and schedule a safety inspection.

Why Do We Include 11 Points in our Plumbing Safety Inspection?

Your plumbing system is the MVP of your household. Without it, most families would be grounded to a halt, unable to conduct basic daily tasks. Because of this, your plumbing works harder than most other appliances. We include 11 points in our safety inspection to ensure your home is getting the best in fresh, healthy water and that no major problems are on the horizon.

The 11-Point Plumbing Safety Inspection:

  • Water Heater Safety and Visual Inspection
  • Inspect All Toilets
  • Inspect Main Sewer Line
  • Inspect Drain Lines
  • Check For Pressurized Plumbing
  • Inspect For Proper Ventilation
  • Inspect For Proper Plumbing Insulation
  • Inspect For Gas Leaks
  • Quality Test Tap Water
  • Inspect All Shutoff Valves
  • Verify Proper Clean Out

Looking for a Plumbing Safety Inspection?

We offer plumbing safety inspections to our Marin County and Santa Rosa communities. Our expert plumbers can handle most plumbing and rooter issues you may have, including: Bathroom Drains, Toilets, Kitchen Drains, Disposals, Laundry Drains, Washer Drains, and Main Sewer Lines.*
*Accessible cleanout necessary. Excludes: area drains and roof drains.
Call our Santa Rosa office at (707) 244-1119 to schedule an appointment. Or click here to book online.