A Biocide Chamber Is an Innovative Way to Eliminate Harmful Mold and Bacteria on Your Air Conditioning Coils

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UV Biocide Chamber

Your home should be a refuge from the outside world. A place where you can feel safe and secure in every aspect; including the air you breathe. Oftentimes, this is not the case. Indoor air can sometimes be 2 to 5 times dirtier than outdoor air.

You might be asking yourself, what causes this? Honestly, it’s a combination of many different factors, but a major culprit is the bacteria and mold that can grow in your air conditioning coils.

If left unchecked, bacteria and mold in your air conditioning system could make you tired or even sick. Whether its sleeping, lounging, or indoor activities, many Americans spend 90% of their time in the home. One way to ensure your indoor air is safe and clean is with a Biocide Chamber.

What is a Biocide Chamber?

Simply put, a Biocide Chamber is a series of UV lamps installed above and below the air conditioning coil. These lamps use ultraviolet (UV) rays—the same that can cause sunburns—to eliminate any bacterial organisms before they even reach the air filter. By eradicating bacteria and mold from your air conditioning coils, the Biocide Chamber ensures you, and your family, are breathing healthy, clean air.

The Biocide Chamber is not a new system, it can be installed in most existing AC units.

What are the Benefits of a Biocide Chamber?

The Biocide Chamber offers homeowners great perks, including:

  • The reduction of harmful mold and mildew
  • Clean and sanitary air conditioning coils
  • Reduction of allergens, asthma attacks, and sinus problems
  • Reduction of coil corrosion, which could lead to refrigerant leaks
  • Money saved over longer periods of time

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