How to Keep Bugs from Coming Through Air Vents

There’s something special about summer in Santa Rosa. The air is warm, the sun is out, and oh yeah, the bugs come out of hiding. Usually the bugs aren’t a problem, but we’ve been hearing more and more about how to keep bugs from coming through air vents. Your home should be a place of refuge, not a home for creepy crawlies.

How Do Bugs Get into my HVAC System?

We wish we could say you would never have to worry about this. But that would be a lie, and at Moore Home Services, we pride ourselves on honesty. There are more than a few ways bugs can find their way into your HVAC system. Your outdoor condenser can be incredibly appealing for some insects. They can find protection behind the grill as well as water from the condensation line and drain pan. Most critters find this to be a great place for their summer home. The worst reason bugs and other critters like your HVAC system? It offers unparalleled access to the inside of your home. From cracks in the walls to air ducts and return vents, all of it can be an open invitation to different bugs. Despite this, you have many options at your disposal for keeping the critters out.

What Kind of Bugs Can Get Through My Air Vents?

During the summer, we see an influx of ants, roaches, mosquitoes, and spiders. This influx can also be found in your HVAC system, and by proxy, your home. Though it may be unnerving, bugs want the same comforts your home provides, light, shelter, water, and food. While they can all get that outside, your home is just easier. However, there are small things you can do to keep bugs from coming through air vents.

Fill in the Holes

Start by going outside and doing a visual inspection around your condenser. See any obvious cracks or holes? The easiest fix is something you can do on your own. Go to your local hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes, and get some caulk or concrete. Just us a small bit to fill in the holes and cracks. This is a simple, yet effective way to keep bugs from getting into your home.

Don’t Ignore Your Landscaping

Bugs love to make their home in tall, patchy grass. For this reason, and a few others, it’s a good idea to keep your grass, and any other landscaping, trimmed. Also, when it comes to landscaping around your condenser, there are a few cardinal rules to follow. The first rule is to keep all plants 2-3 feet away from your condenser. This minimizes the number of debris that can get into your condenser. Leaf debris piles are a nice home for roaches, ants, and other bugs. It also gives your condenser room for proper airflow. The second rule is to move anything away from your condenser that can attract insects. Examples include trash cans, wood piles, and grass clippings.

Put in a Rock Garden

Have you ever considered a rock garden? This landscape design is made primarily of gravel, stone, bricks, river rocks, and other organic materials. It’s hard for a lot of bugs to make their home in these rock formations. This style of garden is also gaining popularity because of how drought resistant it is.

Maintain Your Gutters and Downspouts

Your roof gutters and downspouts can attract a huge amount of dust, leaves, and other debris. All this organic matter is a welcome home to different insects. One of the best ways to break through the buildup is to routinely check your gutters and downspouts. Make sure they’re clear and ready for any rain. And look to see if any bugs are making it home.

Stop Water Leaks Whenever Possible

A small water leak says “welcome home” to most cockroaches. This insect prefers damp, dark places to make its home. This is one of the many reasons they like your condenser. Check your condenser every so often to see if there are any leaks or wet spots. It could be an indication that your air filter is dirty, your coils are frozen, or there’s an issue with your refrigerant line.

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