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If you want to elevate heating and air conditioning in Lagunitas, work with Moore Home Services. We are the HVAC contractors that homeowners love most! You can count on us for:

  • Superior HVAC in Lagunitas
  • Experienced technicians
  • Helpful call center representatives
  • Genuine parts and tools
  • High quality services
  • Hassle-free service
  • Your complete satisfaction

We guarantee that you will absolutely love Lagunitas HVAC from our team. We arrive on time and get the job done right. In fact, if your service is not 100 percent right, it is 100 percent free.

Heating Repairs in Lagunitas

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Heating repairs in Lagunitas should not be put off any longer than absolutely necessary. This is because pending repairs can severely damage the furnace. So, if you want to restore healthy and energy efficient heating in Lagunitas, you must make repairs as soon as possible.

To do this, know when you need repairs. You might experience problems like:

  • Reduced or absent air flow
  • Bad or foul odors from the vents
  • Lower indoor air quality
  • Expensive heating costs
  • Loud noises
  • Loss of control or access
  • Inaccurate temperature
  • Overall discomfort

When you do have any of these issues, stop using the furnace. Call Moore Home Services for heating repairs. If you do use the heating despite repairs, you risk the health of the furnace and make matters worse. What started as one repair might end up as two or three. In severe cases, the entire unit may need early replacement.

Heating repairs in Lagunitas do a lot of good. As long as you call promptly, you don’t need to fear complications or high service costs. The earlier you call, the more your technician can do for you and your home.

What kind of furnace repairs might you need?

  • Low/absent air flow → Stalled blower motors
  • Reduced indoor air quality → Dirty/overused air filter
  • Loud noises → Maintenance
  • Loss of control → Thermostat or control boards

Your technician at Moore Home Services is on your side. Call us for help when you need it.

Install Cooling in Lagunitas

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Air conditioner installation in Lagunitas is an excellent opportunity to elevate and personalize your home comfort. Today’s AC units can do far more than ever before with optimal energy efficiency. This means we get better service at a more affordable cost, so we can enjoy cooling every day without worry.

When selecting a new AC unit, think about what you want most. Consider:

  • Economy
  • Performance quality
  • Reliability
  • Indoor air quality
  • Humidity
  • Control
  • Personalization

Your Moor Home Services technician will come and measure your home to determine which air conditioner size works best. This is an important step. Using the wrong AC unit size can negatively impact energy efficiency and performance quality. In addition, your technician will get to know exactly what you want out of your new air conditioning unit, so we can find you the perfect match.

At Moore Home Services, we want to make this a comfortable and worry-free experience. That is why with every AC installation in Lagunitas, we also deliver:

  • A duct inspection via third party
  • A complimentary tuneup
  • Workmanship warranty
  • Equipment warranty

If you think you would benefit from a new air conditioner, please speak with our team! We are here to help you make your home the best place to live.

Superior Lagunitas Heating and Air Conditioning

Trust Moore Home Services for superior Lagunitas heating and air conditioning. Here, we believe what is good for you is also good for us.

For exceptional HVAC, please request an appointment. You can also call our friendly representatives.

Need AC Or Heating Service Fast? We’re Here For You! At Moore Home Services, we’ve been providing affordable, heating and AC services to residents in the Northern Bay Area for over a decade!

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