Toilet Always Clogged? Here are 4 Reasons Why

Modern plumbing is more than a want, it’s a need for functioning in daily life. Perhaps, the most important and most used plumbing fixture is the toilet. Toilets are also one of the easier fixtures to maintain. I mean all you need to do is clean and plunge it from time to time, right? While a small clog here and there is nothing to worry about, a toilet that constantly backs up is a real problem. Oftentimes, when a toilet won’t stop clogging, it’s pointing to a bigger issue. Here are some of the most common reasons your toilet is always clogged and what you can do to fix it.

You Are Flushing the Wrong Things

A lot of times we go to people’s houses and see that they’re flushing the wrong things. Nothing but organic waste and toilet paper should be flushed. Items like baby wipes, paper towels, cosmetic remover wipes, feminine products, napkins, cotton ear swabs, and even hair can become trapped in the system and cause frequent clogging.
Some of these items being flushed may even be marketed as “flushable,” but this could be what’s causing added strain on your system. When a product markets itself as flushable, it means the item can clear the toilet bowl, not the pipes. Another thing we need to address are children. Who hasn’t been guilty of putting a toy or two down the toilet when they were young? For those with kids, make sure they keep toys, keys, or anything else for that matter, away from the toilet.

Damaged Main Sewer Line

Your main sewer line is a large pipe that leaves your home’s plumbing and connects with the local sewer system or an in-ground septic tank. Because it’s underground, it’s well protected from the elements, but there are still a few vulnerabilities. The main sewer line can sometimes come into contact with tree roots. These roots can wrap around the pipe or puncture it with holes. Should a sewer become pierced through or squeezed, the pipe may be restricted, slowing the flow of waste out of your system.
There is also the possibility of dirt, debris, and even rocks getting into the pipelines through any holes created. These obstacles can create additional drainage problems. If you have the misfortune of this occurring a mainline back-up in your home, all of your toilets will experience clogging issues, not just one. Contact your local Santa Rosa plumber and schedule a drain-clearing as soon as possible.

You’re Using Too Much Toilet Paper

Too much toilet tissue in the bowl is the most common reason a toilet keeps clogging. You only needs a few squares to get the job done. For most people, that’s not their normal habit. Unfortunately, the more material you put down your toilet, the higher chance you will have of it fighting back and getting clogged. All things in moderation, friends!   It’s an odd thing to acknowledge, but the toilet tissue industry has gone through several innovations over the years. There are many different sizes, one-ply to multi-ply, and extra soft rolls. If you enjoy a thicker roll, be extra cautious of how much is used as it’s more difficult to fully dissolve and could cause additional clogging. Have a frank talk with the family about responsible toilet tissue use and delicate folding techniques, as opposed to balled-up tissue wads. Monitor small children using the facilities to avoid excessive tissue usage. When you shop for your next supply, consider more easily dissolved and economic choices that could reduce your clogging issues.

Your S-Trap Is Clogged

Underneath most toilets at the back is a pipe that is shaped like an “S” and connects the toilet with the floor. In the business, we call this the S-trap or trap drain. Some toilets present a different design, and an “S” may not be visible on the outside. A P-trap is another version of the anti-gas design of bathroom plumbing. This setup is what keeps unpleasant gasses escaping the drainpipes and permeating your home. If your S-trap or P-trap is fully clogged, you will know immediately. The toilet will frequently have to be plunged before it can be used again. If there is only a partial blockage, you may not realize it until it becomes a full blockage, and you’re plunging all the time.  
  For a partial blockage, consider using a toilet auger to extract or break up the clogged area and move it through the pipes. If that is unsuccessful or only works for a day or two, it’s time to call a trusted Northern California plumber for drain cleaning services! If one of these simple fixes helps you resolve your clogging issues, then congratulations! If not, you may have a more serious plumbing maintenance or repair problem on your hands, which may require a professional like Moore Home Services.