We Offer Affordable and Professional Air Conditioning Repair in Napa

Nothing affects the comfort in your home more than your air conditioning system, especially during a hot summer in the greater Napa area. Despite being careful about routine maintenance, air conditioners fail. With another summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to get your system serviced and/or repaired by a trusted, professional HVAC company like Moore Heating & Air Conditioning before the serious heat sets in. Air conditioning malfunctions tend to be progressive; once they start, they’ll spread and create further issues throughout the system. If your air conditioner experienced any of the following issues last season, call Moore HVAC at (707) 410-3524 for professional services. Low Cooling Levels If your air conditioner has been displaying signs of not being able to keep your home cool enough, this issue could be caused by a serious problem and needs professional attention. While it may be due to a faulty thermostat, it can also mean that the unit’s compressor is faulty, that fan motors are failing, or that the unit is low on refrigerant. Odd Noises Another common signal that your air conditioner needs repair is the development of a new or unusual noise. An active system that emits hissing, squealing or gurgling noises can be indicative of three separate problems.
  • Hissing is usually caused by a refrigerant leak somewhere in the line.
  • A squealing sound is most commonly due to a bad fan motor belt.
  • Gurgling is usually a signal that the unit is low on refrigerant.
Leaking Water If your air conditioning system was leaking water the last time you used it, this may be a sign of a clogged drain pan or line. In addition to putting a strain on the unit, the water could potentially damage your home. Air conditioners naturally create condensation, similar to when you take a cold glass outside on a hot day. Moore Heating & Air Conditioning provides the most affordable and professional air conditioning repair in Napa. Our service is so good, our motto is 100% Right…or 100% FREE! – and we stick by that. For air conditioning repair in Napa any time of the day or night,call us at (707) 410-3524. We offer the finest service, 24/7.