What Makes A High-Efficiency Furnace So Efficient?

Maybe you already know that you can reduce your heating bills considerably with a high-efficiency furnace, but do you know why? Keep reading! Compared to furnaces that were used a decade ago, modern-day furnaces are much more efficient, partly because they are better built and partly because new technology makes them work more efficiently. Because of this, the furnaces are able to fully utilize the fuel they consume and also they are able to take the exact amount of fuel needed to provide the required heat at any one time. This means that they require less furnace repair work due to fewer problems in running. Three Common Components 1.    Electronic ignition The furnaces now use electronic ignitions instead of gas-powered pilot lighting, which used up more fuel since a small flame was required to be maintained at all times. 2.    Two-phase heating Majority of the furnaces today have two heating features, a lower one for when the temperatures aren’t too low, which uses up less gas, and a higher one which is only needed when it’s extremely cold out. This is especially useful in areas where they are fluctuations in the temperature every few days or even hours. 3.    Blower with adjustable speed Just like the heat, the blower is designed to automatically run at different speeds depending on how much airflow is needed. Lower speeds are used when less airflow is required to preserve fuel and energy, and the high speed is only used if more air is necessary. It can also happen when there is clogging in the air passage. If you need heating and air conditioning services as well as furnace repair in Napa, Petaluma, Sonoma, San Rafael, and Santa Rosa areas, visit Moore Home Services or call (707) 410-3524