Why You May Want to Rethink Moving Your AC Unit by Yourself

For many homeowners, your yard is your pride. It’s the first thing people see, and your oasis away from the world. When we install an outdoor condenser, we can take direction on where it can go, and our technicians are happy work with any landscape designs you have in mind. The average AC unit has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years; a lot can change during this time, including your yard. It’s natural to upgrade and revamp your home, we all do it, but when it comes to moving your AC unit, that’s something you should leave to the pros.

Harder Than it Looks

For most things, moving them is simple. You disconnect, pick up, move, and reconnect. Not so much with your condenser. The first thing you would need to take into consideration is how far from the home your AC unit can sit. There are restrictions for how long certain lines can be; a certified HVAC technician would know all the zoning requirements. Another thing to keep in mind, the unit needs to be level. You can move the condenser, but what if it slopes in the wrong direction? This could be a major hazard. Not to mention wiring and fear of electrocution. Believe us, it’s a headache.

Lots of Moving Parts

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you should rethink moving your AC unit by yourself is refrigerant. Before you even think of moving the unit, you need to pump out any and all refrigerant in the system. After everything is removed from the system, there’s the problem with the refrigerant line. This line is fragile and can not be bent or broken. If it is, you could be looking at a dangerous refrigerant spill. If this isn’t a big enough red flag, the thermostat wiring should be. New thermostat wiring would need to run to new location. Then those wires would need to run to a disconnect box. Even if you have a basic understanding of electricity and wiring, even attempting this could be an incredibly dangerous gamble.

What to Do Instead

If you want to move your condenser for purely aesthetic reasons, there are a few things you can do. The first is to build a small fence around your condenser. A nice wood or lattice fence can make a difference in your yard. Just be sure to build it 2 to 3 feet away from the condenser; the unit needs room to breathe. Another option is to landscape the area with evergreen plans. We like the look of cedar and spruce. Of, if you’re looking to go eco-friendly, a nice rock or gravel garden with succulents would look nice and be well suited for the warm Santa Rosa summer.

Want to Move Your AC Unit? Call the Experts at Moore Home Services

Instead of trying to do it your self and potentially hurting your unit, call us, or click here to schedule an appointment online! Our expertly trained HVAC technicians are ready to help clients in Santa Rosa and surrounding communities.