Why You Should Call a Professional to Replace Your Smart Thermostat

Replacing a thermostat seems like an easy thing, right? All you need to do is connect some wires and put it on the wall. If you think it’s this simple, you are unfortunately very wrong. Believe it or not, installing or upgrading a smart thermostat is a big job. There are many crucial factors to consider that your HVAC contractor would know. Because of this, incorrectly installed smart thermostats are one of the most common problems we are called in to fix. Therefore, we’re sharing the reasons you should call a professional to replace your smart thermostat.

Beyond the Basics: Electrical Knowledge

When it comes to installing a new smart thermostat, you need to have more than a basic understanding of electric work. It should go without saying that the wiring in your home is dangerous and should only be handled by a trained professional. Combine that with the complexity of modern thermostats and you could have a DIY disaster. Some of the complications that could happen when you try to DIY electric work are blowing a fuse, doing irreparable harm to your new thermostat, and even electric shock. To avoid injury or harm, we are asking you to call a professional.

Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed

The classic thermostat you grew up with has come a long way, in its place is an intricate system that can regulate and control your entire HVAC system; we’re saying hello to precision-based electronics. This is a big reason why you should call a professional to replace your smart thermostat. In addition to specialized electrical knowledge, a professional HVAC contractor will know how best to configure your system.

Keep Your Warranty

A really easy way to sacrifice your warranty is to install a thermostat on your own. Many times, a manufacturer will void a warranty if your smart thermostat was not installed by a professional HVAC technician. Though it may not seem like a big deal at the time, out of pocket costs for run of the mill fixes can add up.

Does Your System Actually Work?

One of the best reasons to have your smart thermostat installed by a professional is to ensure your system is working at its maximum capacity. When it comes to installing a thermostat, placement, settings, and wiring make a world of difference. If your thermostat is not in the proper location, it’s readings will not match your home’s actual temperature which could lead to higher heating and cooling bills and an uncomfortable indoor climate.

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