A Gurgle In Your Drains

It’s justifiable that hearing a gurgle in your drains would cause you to be concerned, but fear not! Once you are able to determine what the issue is, there are plenty of options to fix the problem.

Your Pipes Are Clogged

Plugged up pipelines is the first thing most people think of when they think of plumbing issues. It also wouldn’t be wrong to assume that clogged pipes are the culprit of your gurgling drains. Air bubbles that get trapped in your pipes are trying to wedge themselves through – which in turn causes the gurgles. A few things that can create a blockage are:
  • Grease and fat from cooking
  • Paper towels
  • Feminine products
  • Socks, rags, toys (and whatever else your kid puts in the toilet!)
Whether these things are poured down the sink drain, or flushed, the end result is the same, a blockage in your pipelines.

Problems With Your Sewer Lines

Another suspect on the list is sewer lines. The pipes that carry out the sewage and waste from your home are like any other pipe: if there is damage or a clog, this could result in loud drains. Issues with sewer lines can lead to much bigger problems than your regular water lines. If you think a clogged sewer line is the problem, you should call the professionals.

Tree Root Trouble

Something you may not think about when you think about plumbing issues is trees!
Trees can be a huge problem when it comes to your pipelines. If you have a tree too close to your home, the roots could begin to grow through your pipes. Sinkholes and soft spots in your yard are other good indicators that this could be the problem.

Pipelines Are Damaged

Damaged pipes often get flooded by air, causing your gurgling sounds. If you smell any kind of sewage along with these gurgles, it is best to immediately call the professionals.

Your Vent System is Clogged

Every pipe in your home is connected to a ventilation system. Air in this vent system gets pushed out through the vents in your roof. Sometimes, these vents can get blocked by sticks, or leaves, and sometimes tree nuts dropped in by small animals. If the air can’t get out of the vents in your roof, the nearest exit is your drain, causing gurgling.

Damaged or Blocked P-Trap

Have you ever seen that curved pipe under your sinks and wondered what they were for? These are called P-traps, and their main function is to help trap odors and gasses from seeping back up through your drains. When this section of pipe gets damaged or clogged, the water flow slows and creates a vacuum. This is another reason your drains could be getting loud. A simple fix is to either clear out the clog, or replace the pipe.

Should You DIY a Gurgling Drain?

Some plumbing problems are easy to tackle on your own, while some require the skill and tools of a professional. If you’re thinking about fixing your gurgling drains yourself, make sure to consider:
  • Do you have the knowledge, the skill and the right equipment?
  • Are your pipes easy to gain access to?
  • Can you gain access to your pipes without causing more damage or harm to yourself?
  • Did you know that sewer lines carry harmful bacteria?
  • Do you have a way to protect yourself from that bacteria?
  Remember that if you suspect that the issue is with a sewer line, you should promptly call a professional. Sewer lines contain harmful bacteria that can put your health at risk.
Remember that if you suspect that the issue is with a sewer line, you should promptly call a professional. Sewer lines contain harmful bacteria that can put your health at risk.

Simple Fixes: Clearing a Clog

If you suspect that your pipes are simply clogged, there are a couple of simple options to help clear that up. A simple plunger and a drain snake are great tools for blockages caused by things like food, hair, and other debris. A classic combo of baking soda and vinegar is also a good trick to have up your sleeve. Start with boiling water, followed by a cup of both baking soda and vinegar. The mixture will bubble up and could easily break down the blockage.

Calling The Pros

Gurgling drains that just won’t go away? It’s time to call in the professionals. Your friends at Moore Home Services are here to tackle even your loudest gurgling drains. Call and schedule an appointment with our team today!