Make Your Home Energy-Efficient With Updated Ductwork

Moore Home Services Provides Santa Rosa, the North Bay With Expert Ductwork Installation

Ductwork serves two major purposes. They move air in and out of your home and preserve your indoor air quality. Not all homes have ductwork, but if your home does have air ducts, it’s important to ensure they are regularly checked.

We Recommend Mylar Ductwork

Moore Home Services recommends and installs Mylar Ducts and duct work. Mylar is proved to be the most energy efficient option; they are also formaldehyde-free.

Mylar Ductwork Will:

  • Expertly regulate the temperature throughout your home
  • Use no formaldehyde in the insulation; ultimately leaving you with a safer home
  • Hinder mold growth in your air ducts
  • Lower your utility bill

Oftentimes, its easy for homeowners to neglect their air ducts. Ductwork is commonly hidden away in the attic or placed outside the home. However, these pipes can have a major impact on your utility bill and indoor air quality.

Your Indoor Air Quality Depends on Ductwork

Anytime you turn on your HVAC system, it takes some time for treated air to circulate through the house. This is because any heated or cooled air needs to travel through a system of ductwork. Unfortunately, if any air ducts are compromised it could be bad news for your utility bill and air quality. If there are holes and leaks in your ductwork, treated air escapes, and dirty attic air is allowed in.

Concerned About Your Ductwork

If you have any questions about your ductwork don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Moore Home Services! Our expertly trained technicians can inspect your system and make recommendations based on what your home needs.