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Humble Beginnings In Santa Rosa

It’s 2009. Two men are eating lunch in Beyond the Glory in Petaluma. They sketch business plans and ideas onto a paper restaurant napkin. And Moore Home Services is born. It usually takes decades to establish a regional footprint. But at Moore Home Services, we accomplished that in less than 10 years. Currently, we roll with a fleet of more than 50 trucks and 100 employees; all highly trained and experienced. Our hiring process is super selective. We don’t just bring anyone into this business. To become part of the Moore Home Services family, you need to have a special combination of smarts and heart. You need to know your stuff and be personable, friendly, and kind.

We Do Things Differently

We believe in earning the trust of our customers through 100% HONESTY. If a simple repair is what’s best for the customer, it’s absolutely what’s best for the company. We’re on the same side as the homeowner — we have the same objective and the same goals. At Moore Home Services we only have ONE thing on our minds — your happiness.

1-Full Year Trial on Your HVAC System

1-Full Year Trial on Your HVAC System. This guarantee is only for HVAC system replacement and not any other service.

If you are not totally and completely satisfied with your results, Moore Home Services will write you a check for every penny that you spent on your purchase and remove the unit at no cost to you. That’s how certain we are that you’ll be satisfied. Moore’s Diamond Certified service technicians are dedicated to making your living environment more comfortable and energy-efficient by offering education and expertise in all aspects of total home comfort.