What is a Whole House Fan?

Want to save 50% to 90% on your cooling bill this summer?

Ask about a Whole House Fan to cool Your Santa Rosa home
Keep your home cool and comfortable for a fraction of the price

At Moore Home Services we believe in providing you with the best. That’s why we recommend the QuietCool Whole House Fan. This powerful fan runs “whisper quiet” and provides a constant flow of fresh air into you home.

Why Choose a Whole House Fan?

A whole house fan won’t replace your air conditioner—instead, use it with your AC for ultimate home comfort while paying only a fraction of bills. The best way to use a QuietCool Whole House Fan is to turn it on after dark or when the outside temperature drops to a lower level. When you turn on the fan, it pulls fresh, healthy air from outside and brings that into your home, essentially giving your HVAC system a rest for the evening and early morning. In places like Santa Rosa, we know the daytime temperature can skyrocket, and by evening everything feels cool and manageable again. Harness the power of that cool evening air and bring it into your home.

Another benefit of a whole house fan is health. That’s right, your family’s health. Central AC units run on what is called a “closed loop” system. This closed loop system means the air in your home only travels from inside your room to the AC unit and back again. After a while, this recycled air becomes stale and hard to breathe. A whole house fan introduces fresh air to the closed loop system, ensuring your home air stays crisp.

What About My HVAC?

A whole house fan work symbiotically with your HVAC system. The two will never cancel each other out, instead, when used collaboratively you can cut your energy bills in half and have safe, fresh air in your home. The best way to use a whole house fan is to run your central AC during the hottest parts of the day. Then, when the temperature drops turn on the whole house fan. This allows your central AC to take a break and keep your home cool.

The QuietCool Meets Our Rigorous Standards

At Moore Home Services, we only use the best products that meet our incredibly high standards. That’s why we use the QuietCool whole house fan. One of the biggest reasons we love this fan is that it’s whisper quiet; you won’t hear it running at all. Another reason we choose QuietCool is because it’s manufactured here in California.

Where We install the QuietCool Whole House Fan

We offer appointments, consultations, and installations for communities in:

  • Santa Rosa and Sonoma County
  • Marin County
  • Napa County