Bad Cleaning Habits to Break

Cleaning is never at the top of anyone’s fun list, but it’s something that needs to be routinely taken care of. While most of us don’t keep a pristine home, leaving some dust bunnies for a week or so never hurt anyone; balance is the key. Since we’re spending an unprecedented amount of time at home, now might be a good time change up your cleaning routine. Because of this, we’re sharing some bad cleaning habits it’s time to break.

Wearing Outdoor Shoes Inside

While wearing your outdoor shoes inside isn’t a bad cleaning habit, it’s something that can lead to a lot more dust and dander than you expect. Also, think of tracking in everything you’ve walked through. Unpleasant, right? For these reasons alone we believe it’s a good idea to take off your outdoor shoes before coming in the house or right at the door. To make this easier for your family, leave a shoe tray or rack by the front door.

Not Cleaning Vents or HVAC Filters

It’s easy to see how homeowners can overlook their vents. Oftentimes, vents are placed along floorboards or close to ceilings, which are easy to miss. The air quality in your home is important for your health and overall comfort level. We’ve talked at length about how important it is to regularly change your air filter, but now it’s time to focus on vents. Whenever you take out your vacuum, don’t forget to go over your vents. A small attachment should be enough to do the trick. Lots of dust, dander, and other particles can get trapped in the vent grill and need to be vacuumed out.

Ignoring Small Plumbing Issues

At Moore Home Services, we believe one of the biggest bad cleaning habit to break is ignoring small plumbing problems until they become a big deal. When it comes to routine maintenance, a simple scrub isn’t enough. When you’re washing down your sink, check to see how the water drains. If it’s draining slowly, that could indicate a large obstruction or backup. If your shower has a dripping faucet, don’t brush it off. That little drip can mean your water pressure is too strong or even that you have a broken pipe somewhere.

Dusting First, Then Second

Dusting is the worst; it seems like the endless chore. Without fail, it always seems there is more dusting to be done. But there is an easier way to lessen the amount of dust in your home. If you’re sure your HVAC system isn’t causing the problem, try cleaning from top to bottom. Homeowners sometimes start their cleaning session with a good dusting. Unbeknownst to them, anything else they clean will kick up more dust, leaving a clean room dusty again. Instead, start tall, clean the walls, dust the top of bookshelves. That dust will fall to floor where you can sweep or vacuum it up after everything else.

Cleaning Windows Incorrectly

When it comes to windows, most people do the same thing. Spray a cleaner directly on the glass and wipe it down with a paper towel. We’re here to show you a new way of doing things. Instead of spraying cleaner directly on the glass, spray it on a cloth and wipe the windowpane. When you spray liquid cleaner directly on the glass, it tends to pool at the base of the window. This liquid can work its way through the seal of your window and onto inside panes and even degrade the seal. Also, it’s time to ditch newspaper and paper towels. These cleaning tools can leave a fibrous residue around window corners, on hardware, and in streaks on the glass.

Want to Deep Clean Your HVAC? Call Moore Home Services!

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