Best Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer is the best time of the year in Santa Rosa. The weather is warm, and the days are long, is there anything more you could ask for? Well, now that you bring it up, we want to make sure your home is ready for the season ahead. Don’t wait until summer to check your roof or clean your gutters. It’s best to take care of all that during the spring. Here are five ways to prepare your home for summer.

Check Your Windows and Clean Your Screens

One of the first things you should check when preparing your home for summer are your windows and window screens. Between 25% and 30% of cooled air can be lost through your windows. This can make your utility bill go up and let warm air into your home. All you need to do is a quick visual inspection to stop this from happening. Go outside and look at the windows and window frames. See any small cracks? Just caulk them up and you’re good for the summer. This is also a good time to check your screens. Look for any holes where bugs can get in and out. With the summer sun comes summer bugs, and we want to keep those critters out of your home. The last thing you should do is to give your windows a nice scrubbing. Don’t stand for streaks and dust when looking out over the summer landscape.

Keep the Bugs Out

Windows aren’t the only way creepy crawlies can get in. When inspecting your windows, take a moment to look at the bottom of your home. Check for any ant-size cracks or crevasses. Don’t forget your caulk. Simply fill in these areas to keep bugs out. Another way we deal with bugs by planting fresh herbs. Plants like basil, rosemary, mint, and lavender can help naturally repel bugs. They also give you an extra something special in the kitchen. A winning solution for everyone involved.

Clean out the Gutters and Downspouts

You may be wondering why we’re including gutters and downspouts in this list. They’re normally something that only needs to be addressed when it’s raining. This mindset is wrong. Winter in Santa Rosa means rain and wind. That wind knocks branches, sticks, leaves, and other debris into your gutters and downspouts. These unattended clumps of natural material make great homes for critters and bugs. Whether it’s a bunch of mice looking for a nice home, or cockroaches making a nest; they all like your gutters and downspouts. Because of this, an important way to prepare for summer is to clean out your gutters and downspouts.

Inspect Your Roof

While you’re cleaning your gutters it’s also a good idea to take a look at your roof. Winter winds can send debris flying onto your roof and even loosen some roof tiles. Simply scan your roof for any loose or missing tiles and wayward debris. We believe in safety first and understand not everyone feels comfortable going up on the roof. Simply call a local roofing company or handyman to come out and do a cleaning and inspection. You’ll want to take care of this before it gets too hot out and becomes a real chore.

Tune-Up Your AC

At Moore Home Services, we recommend HVAC tune-ups twice per year. Once in the fall before furnace season, and once in the spring before AC season. Now is the perfect time to schedule your AC tune-up for the upcoming season. The certified HAC experts at Moore Home Services meticulously take apart every part of your AC system. They give it a professional cleaning and make sure everything is working and above all safe. From aesthetic checks to electric and functionality, our techs make sure everything is in tip top shape to keep your family cool all summer long.

Prepare Your Home for Summer with Moore Home Services

Ready to tune-up your AC? We’re here for you. Simply call the number at the top of the screen or click here to request an appointment online. Moore Home Services is a Diamond Certified company proudly helping our Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and North Bay communities. Don’t forget, members of our Moore Rewards program get automatic reminders for twice yearly tune-ups.