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Furnace Repair

Home heating is exceptionally important. We rely on heating every single day, so keeping it healthy is crucial to make sure that it works well. Proper heating is what keeps us safe, healthy, comfortable and at ease. It even protects our indoor air quality and productivity. A lot depends on healthy heating at home. So, it is no surprise that when we need furnace repairs, our comfort changes.

When our home heating falls shorts with technical issues, we experience:

  • Reduced home comfort
  • Cold indoor temperature
  • Low indoor air quality
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Reduced productivity
  • No peace of mind

But, you can enjoy high quality heating every single day with minimal maintenance. Moore Home Services improves your home comfort and restores peace of mind with superior heating repairs. So, if you experience issues with your heating and need furnace repairs, call us.  Moore Home Services is here to help you every step of the way.

Furnace Repairs Save Your Home, Time, Money and Comfort

Many homeowners hate the idea of scheduling furnace repairs. They don’t want to deal with the trouble. They fear high service costs, taking time off work, technical complications and expensive repairs. As a result, many homeowners procrastinate making these service calls.

They hope that the issue solves itself or think that the problem is not that big of a deal. Unfortunately, furnace repairs don’t work this way. In fact, when homeowners ignore or procrastinate repairs, they cause more harm to the unit and spend more time and money than if they just stopped using the heating altogether.

When homeowners use the heating despite needed repairs, they:

  • Spend more on heating
  • Create permanent damages
  • Allow furnace repairs to spread
  • Shorten the furnace lifespan
  • Lower indoor air quality
  • Damage energy efficiency
  • Reduce home comfort

It is not worth procrastinating on furnace repairs. You will face enormous service costs, reduce the usefulness of the furnace and struggle with poor home comfort until furnace repairs are made.

Instead of ignoring obvious problems with heating, call your technician at Moore Home Services for immediate help. When you call our technicians as soon as possible, you minimize costs, protect the value and health of the unit and quickly restore heating. We make service calls as simple and hassle free as possible. Our furnace repairs are stress-free.

To Save Time and Money, Recognize When You Need Furnace Repair

To prevent ignoring or procrastinating on repairs, we first need to know when we need repairs. How can you tell when you need professional help? The furnace shows all sorts of signs that communicate the need for furnace repairs and maintenance.

Big signs that point to furnace repairs include:

  • Total or reduced access to heating
  • No control over heating
  • Loud, bothersome or worrying noises during operation
  • Short-cycling
  • No airflow
  • No heating
  • Non-operative thermostat

When you experience any of these issues, you need furnace repairs. Do not use the heating. Call your technicians for appropriate heating service.

Other times, signs are not so obvious. Smaller signs that point to furnace repairs include:

  • Increases in the utility bill
  • Decreased home comfort
  • Reduced indoor air quality
  • Reduced productivity
  • Aggravated asthma and allergies
  • Unusual smells from the vents

When changes in home heating are more subtle, it can be difficult to detect the need for furnace repairs, but it does not mean that the problem is minor in nature.

If and when you experience any of these listed signs, call your technician at Moore Home Services for furnace repairs. Your technician restores healthy and safe heating for optimal home comfort, energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

The Main Causes of Furnace Repair in Your Home

What causes furnace repairs? The reason is as unique as your home. The cause depends on your personal usage habits and the current condition of your heating unit. 

Potential causes for furnace repairs include:

  • Physical damage to the system
  • Preexisting repairs
  • Misuse, abuse and overuse
  • Incorrect service from previous technicians
  • Buildup
  • Obstruction
  • Old age
  • Natural wear and tear

For the majority of homes, furnace repairs are caused by a combination of old age, natural wear and buildup.

Natural wear and old age cannot be prevented. Just like anything else we use in our homes, over time, parts age and deteriorate. The same can be said for the furnace. Eventually, we all need furnace repairs. Some of the most common furnace repairs you will need over the lifespan of your furnace are:

  • Corroded or disconnected wires
  • Sticky fire exchangers
  • Non-operative thermostats
  • Stalled blower motors

You might also notice that your furnace unit is growing older when:

  • Temperature is inaccurate
  • Airflow is weak or reduced
  • The unit is noisier during operation
  • The unit shows visible signs of age

If your furnace is on the older side, prepare for and expect furnace repairs. However, keep in mind that if your furnace is near its end, multiple furnace repairs may not be the cost-effective solution. Your technician may suggest a full new installation instead.

On the other hand, buildup is completely manageable. Buildup, when allowed to grow, can and does cause an assortment of furnace repairs.

Particles and germs inside of our homes contribute to buildup. There are thousands of different particles and germs in our home air. All of our home air cycles through the central air system and back into the home. The air filter captures 50 percent of all of these particles and germs. The rest of the particles enter the central air system, settling on wires, motors, coils, blades and fins. As more and more particles collect, buildup grows. Eventually, buildup can stop the rotation of pieces. It can also interrupt the heating cycle, pollute indoor air, raise energy costs for heating and ruin parts. Buildup may not sound like a big threat, but buildup is one of the top causes of furnace repairs. It can also permanently damage the heating unit.

There are so many different parts to the furnace. Each part must be in good working condition in order to deliver safe and efficient heating for your home. When one part needs furnace repairs, the other surrounding and related parts must work harder to compensate. This additional burden can cause all sorts of new issues. Worst of all, homeowners who force-use the heating end up spending more on the same amount of heating while damaging the unit.

The Types of Furnace Repairs You Need According to Problems

You do not need to know the inner workings of your furnace to know what type of furnace repair you need. Your technician does that work for you. However, depending on what symptom you’re experiencing, you can get a good idea of what to expect.

If you have trouble controlling heating, you may need furnace repair for:

  • Non-operative thermostats
  • Sticky flame exchangers
  • Dirty flame sensors
  • Air duct leaks
  • Weathered insulation

Thermostats are the remote controls to the heating unit. Without it, we have absolutely no access or control. While many homeowners underestimate the thermostat, it wears down just like any other part. Thermostats also need heating service. However, sometimes it is more worthwhile to replace the thermostat than to make furnace repairs.

The good news is that today’s technology has created some truly incredible thermostats. Smart and programmable thermostats give homeowners an unprecedented range of options. They allow you to create different settings, set timers and deliver data on usage, temperature and preferences.  If you think you might benefit from a new thermostat rather than furnace repairs, consult your technician.

If you have issues with indoor air quality, you may need furnace repair for:

  • Sticky flame exchangers
  • Dirty flame sensors
  • Dirty air filters
  • Air duct leaks
  • Weathered insulation

General filth is enough to reduce indoor air quality and it starts from inside the home. It is the same reason why buildup accumulates. To keep the furnace clean and prevent low indoor air quality, start by replacing the air filter. This is the first line of defense against buildup and many potential furnace repairs.

If you have reduced air flow, you may need furnace repair for:

  •  Air duct leaks
  • Weathered insulation
  • Stalled blower motor
  • Blockage and obstruction

It is very simple to detect reduced or low air flow. When the heating runs, stick your hand in front of the vents and gauge the fullness and velocity at which air exits the vents. If there is little or low airflow, there’s a good chance your unit needs furnace repairs. Typically, the problem links back to the blower motors. The blades might have caught onto something and can no longer rotate. Or, the wires that power the motor may have corroded. Furnace repairs will promptly return correct and safe service for full and healthy airflow.

If you pay too much for heating, you might need furnace repair for:

  •  Air duct leaks
  • Weathered insulation
  • Sticky flame exchangers
  • Dirty flame sensors
  • Dirty air filters

Air duct leaks waste enormous amounts of energy. While uncommon, these are urgent furnace repairs. Leaks happen when the air ducts experience tears or holes. Cleaned and heated air escape through these holes and empty into the attic instead of the home. So, while we pay for heating, we never get to feel it. If you have high energy bills, dirty indoor air and feel little to no heating, there is a good chance you need an HVAC technician for air duct leaks. Call your technician at Moore Home Services for immediate attention.

Prevent Furnace Repairs in the Future with HVAC Maintenance Tune-Up

What is the best way to prevent repairs and protect the heating unit? The technicians are Moore Home Services recommend heating maintenance twice a year to prevent 90 percent of all furnace repairs.

Maintenance allows your technician to service the furnace before it shows any signs of needing repair. Because your technician gets in early, he or she treats the system before any weaknesses develop into heating repairs and damages.

Homeowners who schedule tune-ups twice a year experience:

  • Reliable heating
  • Elevated home comfort
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Improved performance quality
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Clean and healthy equipment
  • A longer lasting system
  • Fewer technical issues
  • Lower cost per use
  • Peace of mind

Maintenance still is the best service you can choose to protect and preserve home comfort, safety, health and reliability. It is extremely good at preventing furnace repairs and helps the system last 40 percent longer than the units that are not maintained.

During maintenance, your technician:

  • Visually inspects the unit, inside and out
  • Removes buildup, water and waste
  • Removes microbiological growth
  • Thoroughly cleans the unit
  • Cleans and lubricates burner assembly
  • Re-calibrates the thermostat
  • Tests and resets the safety switch
  • Tests for gas leaks
  • Adjusts covers, attachments, wires and connections
  • Re-calibrates all settings
  • Evaluates the air ducts for holes
  • Measures airflow and energy expenditure
  • Identifies weaknesses

When maintenance is complete, you have clean, healthy, safe and energy-efficient heating available every day of the year. Best of all, you never need to worry about your heating! Your Moore Home Services technicians take care of home heating for you.

For Top Results, Call Moore Home Services For Your Furnace Repairs

Furnace repairs are so important. They keep your home comfortable through safe and efficient heating. If you need furnace repairs, be sure to call Moore Home Services for the best technicians.

At Moore Home Services, we want every home to be the best possible. That’s why we are completely committed to making your home a better place through superior heating and air conditioning service. No matter what changes you want or need, we are here for all homeowners and all homes.

Why choose Moore Home Services for furnace repairs? We are the technicians homeowners trust. We promise:

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