Choose the Best Home AC Unit

It’s an unfortunate truth, not all home AC units are created equal. When the time comes to invest in a new AC unit or HVAC system, it’s important to know the difference between types and models and learn which system is best for your unique home. When it comes to options for your Home AC, there are four from which to choose from. We know it can be a little overwhelming to choose a system, and that’s why we’re sharing your options for the best home AC unit.

Portable Unit

If you’re looking to only cool specific areas or rooms in your home, a portable unit might be what you want. We recommend a portable unit for people who are renting a single room or occupying a specific part of a home. One pro for the portable unit is that it can be bought in a pinch. A portable unit doesn’t require installation from a professional, nor does it require much work beyond plugging it in. The bad part about a portable AC unit is that it only cools one small area and its incredibly energy inefficient. As we mentioned before, if it’s your only option, you’re looking to cool only a small area, or are in a desperate situation, consider a portable unit.

Window Unit

Window AC units have their time and place. That place is small apartments, single rooms, and studios. Window units are very common in warm climates and on the plus side they are energy efficient. They also do a better job at cooling than the portable AC unit. Most people can also install window units on their own, which would save some money. But it should come as no surprise that window units have some drawbacks. One is that they’re large, loud, and block your view. Sometimes the sound of a window unit can act as white noise for a sleep aid, but beyond that, they’re rather intrusive. Another issue is that window units only cool certain smaller areas. They do have a wider range than a portable unit, but that’s not saying too much.

Central Home AC

If your home already has a forced air heating system, installing a central AC unit isn’t a huge lift. Central AC systems are the best for larger homes that already have ductwork for a number of reasons. These units are quiet, you almost won’t know it’s on. They’re also incredibly energy efficient and can add significant resell value to your home. Central AC is also nice for your home, there are no units hanging anywhere and all air units are outside the home, either in the back or front yard. There are a few drawbacks though. Some homeowners are unable to make a large investment and central home AC units require annual tune-ups, cleaning and inspection.

Ductless or Mini-Split AC

If your home does not have a heating system or ductwork, a mini-split AC unit may be best. Mini-Split is the best home AC unit for older buildings, add-ons, or smaller homes. The whole unit consists of two pieces, an outside condenser and wall-mounted evaporator. There are great benefits to the ductless or mini-split AC. If you’re living in a smaller home, the wall unit is quiet and unobtrusive. It is also adjustable to provide different levels of air in different parts of the home. Mini-split units are also incredibly energy efficient. Don’t be totally charmed though, there are a few disadvantages. While mini-split systems are a bit more expensive than a window unit, professional installation is required. Also, some may dislike how the wall unit looks.

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