Doing Some Attic Organization and Decluttering? Don’t Forget Your Furnace

Looking to declutter your home? If so, a great place to start is the attic! This can be challenging because there may be a lot of stuff up there and finding places to put things so they don’t get cluttered again can be tricky. Here are tips that will show you how to organize and declutter your attic while still leaving room for your furnace.

Assess the Attic Situation

But before you start decluttering and purging your attic, make sure you assess the situation first. Here are some questions to consider:
  • Where will everything go?
  • How much floor space is there?
  • How will you access the boxes?
  • Have I got a place to put things while I sort through them?
  • How do I know what items are worth keeping?
  • Do I need all those old clothes?
  • Do you really use these items anymore?
  • Can any of those photo albums be digitized instead of kept in boxes?
  • What kind of storage do I need – boxes, shelves, or bags?

Pull Everything Out of Your Attic and Clean

Before using your attic for storage, it’s best to clean it first. This is because there may be a lot of dust, dirt, and other elements that can cause health problems if inhaled. In addition to keeping your attic neat and tidy, cleaning can help –
  • Prevent mold growth
  • Reduce fire hazards
  • Make room for new items
  • Save time when you need to find something
A clean attic makes it easier to find what you need, keeps it dry and pest-free, and helps maintain the value of your home.

Declutter and Sort

You can store more items in your attic if you use see-through bins. This is because you can easily view the contents of each bin, making it easy to find what you need. You don’t have to rummage through a pile of boxes and containers to find what you’re looking for. Image: transparent bins used for storage. Transparent bins also keep out dust and dirt. This is particularly important if you have delicate items that can get damaged by dust particles. Label everything. There’s nothing worse than having a pile of boxes labeled “kitchen stuff” or “laundry room stuff” when you really need that one box with your measuring cups. Labeling every box is worth the extra effort.

Use Shelves for Extra Storage Space

Shelves are an excellent way to maximize the amount of space available in your attic. They can be installed easily and quickly, allowing you to organize items in a way that makes sense.
Shelves can also help prevent dust build up because they give more surface area for air circulation than other storage units such as boxes or bins. A handy hint before you rush out to buy new shelves – measure the space accurately first. Then, decide where the shelves will fit best, leaving room to move around. And don’t forget your furnace maintenance technician – nobody wants to bump their head on shelving while working on a furnace.

What Not to Store in the Attic or Furnace Room

Some items should never be stored in your attic or furnace room.
  • The high temperatures in your attic can damage electronics such as computers and televisions. Even if the equipment is appropriately covered with a sheet or box, it’s still at risk of overheating.
  • Delicate fabrics. Heat causes delicate fabrics like silk and wool to become brittle and discolored over time. Mold and moths can also cause damage.
  • Important papers. Important documents should always be kept in a safe place where they won’t get ruined by water leaks or mold growth from condensation build-up. They also pose a fire risk when kept near a furnace.
  • Food items are best kept in dry places, free from pests, rodents, dust mites, and other allergens that can contaminate foodstuffs over time.
  • Wax melts at higher temperatures, and attics can get hot, especially if they have a furnace in the room. Candles are a fire risk, so store them away from your furnace.

Maintain a Safe Distance

If you keep your furnace in your attic, there are a few safety measures to take. The first thing to remember is that furnaces need air to function properly. If too much stuff is around the furnace, it can become difficult for it to draw in enough oxygen. This can lead to overheating and failure of the unit. Therefore, keeping storage boxes at least 30 inches from your furnace is advisable. If they’re too close, they’ll prevent proper airflow and become a fire hazard. Another vital point is to keep combustibles well away from your furnace. It may seem like common sense, but it’s surprising how many homeowners forget. Keep your Santa Rosa home safe. Call Moore Home Services today to book a furnace maintenance with one of our experienced HVAC technicians.