HERO Financing for Heating and Air Conditioning in North Bay

For homeowners looking for help with financing to have their heating or air conditioning replaced with a more energy efficient product, there’s great news! Sonoma County and Marin County have approved a program that partners with their local governments to finance certain energy efficient or water efficient home projects like solar panels, windows, roofs, doors, and turf. Among the many projects approved are heating and air conditioning units. This low interest payment is tied to property tax bills. The HERO Program for Heating and Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and Marin County If you own your home or business and you’ve been wanting a new heater or air conditioner but haven’t been able to save up the funds, the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) program might be for you. Some things you might want to know about the HERO program:
  • Available for commercial or residential projects
  • 900,000 + products available
  • No fees to apply
  • Offers low, fixed interest rates
  • Takes equity into account for qualification
  • Payments are included in property tax bills
  • Moore Heating and Air Conditioning is an approved HERO contractor for heating and air conditioning in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and Marin County
Whether you’re living without heating and air conditioning, living with inferior heating and air conditioning, or want to upgrade to more energy efficient heating or air conditioning, call Moore HVAC. Family owned and operated, we are experts in assessing your HVAC needs and providing the system that is perfect for your home or business. We deal with our customers honestly and fairly, and we guarantee satisfaction with our products, our work, and our customer service. Not only do we do heating and air installations, but we also have a 24/7 emergency service hotline. If you have questions about the HERO program or other HVAC installation and repair issues, CONTACT US or call (707) 433-2250. Moore HVAC will take care of all your needs for heating and air conditioning in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Marin County, and beyond.