How to Prevent Hair Drain Clogs

Hair drain clogs are arguably one of the most common plumbing issues–at least for those with hair. The slow drains, the bad smells, the murky water backing up into your shower: all of it is less than pleasant. Your friends at Moore Home Services are here to show you how to both prevent and fix hair clogs.

How Does a Hair Drain Clog Happen?

When it comes to your drains, it’s not so much “hair today, gone tomorrow!” As stray hairs begin to accumulate in your drain, soap chunks, dirt, grime, and other debris begin to form a mass. Which then collects even more hair and debris. Eventually, this mass grows large enough to block the flow of water down the drain. So, how long does it take for a hair drain clog to form? It depends. How often you use your shower, how much debris makes its way into the pipes, and even your water pressure all factor in. Sometimes this process can take a few months, while for others, it only takes a few weeks.

How Do You Know if You Have a Hair Clog?

Smell something strange? Murky water backing up into your shower? Does it take almost as long as your shower itself for the water to drain? These are all signs of a hair drain clog. As the mass builds in the drain, it makes it difficult or impossible for water to make its way down your pipes. And, once the hair and other debris starts to decompose and trap water, it becomes a prime breeding ground for bacteria that can give off an unpleasant, pungent odor.

Hair Drain Clogs: Prevention Tips

Preventing a hair drain clog is part of routine plumbing maintenance. We’ve compiled a few steps you can take to keep your drains free and clear:

Brush First

One of the simplest ways to keep your hair from going down the drain is to keep it as far away from the drain as possible. Take a few minutes to brush through your hair to remove loose hairs that would otherwise find their way onto your shower floor–and then into your drain.

Run for (a Drain) Cover

These simple, inexpensive devices are an easy way to prevent hair from gathering in your drain. Instead of creating a mass in your pipes, a shower drain cover collects hair on the cover itself. When you’re done in the tub, you simply shake off any debris from the cover into your trashcan.

Add “Flushing” to Your Chore List

Run super-hot water into your drains after each shower to prevent hair from accumulating. You can even add baking soda and vinegar as an extra measure of precaution. No one wants to go hair-fishing in their shower. The best way to avoid a hair clog is to take preventative measures.

So, You’ve Got a Hair Clog. What Next?

If you’ve already got a hair clog (or your preventative measures just aren’t working), there are several ways to remove a hair clog from your drain before it causes more issues than just slow draining water and a putrid smell. And, some of these remedies are completely DIY!

Drain Cleaning Solution

Hair clog that won’t quit? The solution may be just that–a solution! Organic and chemical drain cleaning solutions can dissolve and dislodge stubborn hair drain clogs overnight. Pour the drain cleaner down the drain at night, let it sit, and flush it down with hot water in the morning.

Grab Your Plunger

Plungers are truly the unsung heroes of your bathroom. You can plunge your shower drain just as you would your toilet: place the plunger directly over the drain and push down firmly. Repeat until you see the water start to drain.

Flush Your Drain

Flushing is used as a preventative measure and also for an existing clog. Turn on the water as hot as it will go, turn up the pressure as far as it will go, and let the water run. This will typically force the clog to break up and dislodge itself.

Call in the Plumbing Professionals

If DIY isn’t doing enough to unclog your shower, it’s a sign that the hair drain clog has become too large to respond to these measures. If your clog just won’t go, it’s time to call a plumber. A plumber can remove your hair drain clog quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

Get More with Moore Home Services

A hair clog can be messy, annoying, and make showering difficult (and smelly!). At Moore Home Services, we can clear clogs quickly and within your budget! If you suspect a hair drain clog, contact a member of the Moore Home Services team today and let us help you get your shower drain back to perfect working order!