HVAC Safety for Homes with Children

Children bring a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to home safety. An important part of life with children and air is HVAC safety. We specifically mean child-proofing everything in your home. Your HVAC system is an important place to start, since it can easily lure in curious children looking for a place to hide, buttons to press, or something to climb. Children can not only injure themselves in your HVAC components but may damage your system. We’re sharing some easy steps to take that will help solidify the safety of your HVAC system and other related things in your home to keep it safe and sound for the whole family.

Utilize Vent Covers

An open vent can be tempting for a child to hide or play in, so investing in vent covers is a great way to keep them safe and out of trouble. These covers are easy to install and can be done by you or an HVAC repair or maintenance professional. You can tackle the installation of vent covers on your own. First, you will need to lift the back of the vent cover up and place it flush over the open duct. Then, using a drill, make holes in the ceiling to place the screws.
Put vent covers over your supply and return vents.
Next, you will line the vent cover against the opening in the wall or ceiling. Finally, take your screwdriver and screw in each one tightly, double checking it is secure. Check the vent covers regularly to ensure they haven’t come loose.

Block Exposed Radiators

Radiators may seem like a non-issue, but to a child they can actually function as a great place to climb or play. There’s a simple fix to avoid any accidents – place a child gate around the radiator to block any access.
Part of HVAC safety is making sure your radiator is covered.
These gates can be purchased online or at a home improvement or family planning store. Ensure the gate is secure and cannot be pulled or knocked down.

Install a Gate Around the Condenser

Although it sits outside of your home, the condenser — or outdoor unit of your air conditioner – is a part of your HVAC system that could cause severe injury if a child decides to climb or stick fingers into it. The condenser is actually quite fragile, despite how it looks.
Installing a gate around the condenser keeps kids from accessing it and injuring themselves or damaging it. When installing your gate, remember to always leave two or three feet of space on each side of the condenser. You should also leave a minimum of five feet of space above the condenser.

Don’t Forget the Thermostat

Your thermostat has many intriguing buttons that little fingers would just love to play with! Unfortunately, constantly changing the settings on the thermostat can damage the system.
Keep the thermostat away from little hands.
To keep children out, install the thermostat high and out of reach. You can also put a lock on the unit, which can be purchased online or at a home improvement store.

Regularly Check and Replace Your Air Filter

Your air filter is designed to collect dust, dirt, and debris in your home to keep your air clean and protect your HVAC system. Naturally, air filters can build up a lot of dust quickly, so air filters should be checked every 90 days and replaced as needed to keep your air clean and reduce the risk of fire.
If you’re doing home repairs or live in dusty areas, you may want to check your air filters more often for dust and debris. Routine air filter maintenance will help everyone in your home breathe clean, healthy air.

Stay On Top of Routine HVAC Maintenance

HVAC maintenance is a high priority in home ownership. A poorly maintained HVAC system not only increases your energy bills but can be a fire hazard. At Moore Home Services, we recommend two tune-ups per year. Once in the spring before it’s time to turn on the season, and once in the fall when temperatures start to dip.
No matter what, make sure you stay on top of HVAC maintenance.

Rest Easy

Protecting your children from the possible dangers associated with an HVAC system in your home is a simple matter of keeping up with your HVAC maintenance and taking precautions to protect your components from children. These steps will help improve the air quality, safety, and comfort of your home. For a rune-up, or any other HVAC safety related questions, schedule an appointment today.