Important Insulation Facts

For the layperson, insulation is the cotton candy pink fluff you’re not allowed to touch. Though you really should never touch it with bare hands, insulation is a key part to keeping your house comfortable no matter the season. Also, it can help save up to 20% on your utility bill. Have you thought about having your home’s insulation checked? If you haven’t, consider these important insulation facts.

Insulation Controls Your Climate

Do you ever feel cold no matter how high the thermostat is? Chances are, you’re having problems with your insulation. It’s the same thing if you’re feeling too warm while the air conditioning is running. Insulation acts as a barrier between your home and the elements. During the summer, insulation absorbs heat and keeps your house cool. A normal attic can reach triple digits during a California summer, but with proper insulation, the main home should never feel that heat; it’s the same with cold air. Instead of penetrating the house, outdoor elements are absorbed by appropriately layered insulation, and your house stays at an optimal temperature. If your insulation isn’t up to par, that’s when you could run into issues. Insulation that isn’t suitably placed or layered will let air from your HVAC system out, and outdoor air in; leading to a less than pleasing home temperature.

Insulation Saves Money

The average family spends almost $2,000 per year on utility bills; heating and cooling account for almost half of those bills. Despite this, there are ways to lower that number. Believe it or not, a properly insulated house has lower utility bills. During the coldest and warmest months of the year, your air systems are working as hard as they can to keep your home at a choice temperature. If your insulation is allowing heated and cooled air to escape, it’s forcing your systems to work harder and use more energy; therefore, a higher utility bill. Insulation allows HVAC systems to do their job properly and optimize all the air in your home. Though it may seem like a large cost now, the investment pays off when you see all the savings in your utility bills.

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