Inspect the HVAC System Before Buying a Home

Buying a new home is one of the most exciting things you may go through. It’s one of the biggest investments of your life. Most homeowners conduct the usual overall home inspection before putting down any money or signing any contracts, but what about an HVAC inspection? One of the many things we pride ourselves on is ensuring you see a return on your investment; that’s why we’re sharing the reasons you should inspect the HVAC system before buying a house.

What’s Included in a Traditional Inspection?

Inspections save potential homebuyers from monumental costs and repairs. Home inspection requirements differ from state to state, but usually most inspections cover:

  • Your potential home’s foundation and structure
  • Safety elements such as carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms
  • Visible plumbing issues and interior plumbing systems
  • Condition of the roof
  • The Electrical System
  • Any appliances included in the sale
  • And, your HVAC system

Its true certified home inspectors take a look at your HVAC system, but oftentimes, they don’t look closely enough. Most inspectors will make sure the systems turn on and off, and look for basic, obvious issues. But, what about any hidden problems? Our expertly trained technicians know what to look for and can advise you during the homebuying process.

HVAC Systems Are Important Investment

There’s no way around it, HVAC systems are big investment. Though an HVAC system is truly an investment, the tradeoff is that a well-maintained system can last 15-18 years and increase the value of your home. One of the easiest ways to ensure the longevity of your new home’s HVAC system is to have it inspected by one of our technicians. They will advise you of any issues the system may have and if you should negotiate with the seller.

Save Money on Your Utility Bills

HVAC accounts for nearly 43% of your utility bill, according to Energy Star. This is one of the many reasons it’s so important to inspect the HVAC system before buying a house. If an HVAC system is too old or running inefficiently, the whole thing could cost you in the long run. Instead of rolling the dice and taking a gamble with a traditional inspection; think about hiring and HVAC technician to thoroughly inspect your heating and cooling units. A professional HVAC technician can inspect the home’s HVAC system for any issues and anything that could potentially become an issue.

Keep Your Family Safe

When you buy a home, you expect it to be safe. One of the best ways to keep you, and your family, safe from potential indoor pollutants is to inspect the HVAC system before buying. Carbon monoxide is an invisible gas that could be released if a home’s furnace was not installed properly. Nitrogen dioxide can also be emitted by an improperly installed furnace. The other big risk your HVAC technician can check for is microbial growth. If left unchecked, microbial growth can grow in a home’s ductwork and potentially be pumped into your home. Our Diamond Certified HVAC technicians can inspect a home to make sure it is the safest option for you.

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