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Moore Home Services delivers the best heating and air conditioning in Bodega. Our technicians are experienced experts who know HVAC better than anyone else in Santa Rosa County. Plus, our knowledgeable call center representatives help you get the service you need right away.

We make heating and air conditioning service in Bodega as simple as possible. Our appointments are hassle-free and productive. We also hope to save you time and money!

Trust Moore Home Services every day for:

  • Expert technicians
  • Friendly call center representatives
  • True customer care
  • High quality services
  • Genuine parts and tools

For the best HVAC in Bodega, work with Moore Home Services.

Excellent Cooling in Bodega

For reliable air conditioning in your home, you need the right service. We offer:

One of the best things you can do to help your air conditioner last long and work well is scheduling cooling maintenance. Homeowners who have maintenance for their AC unit regularly experience:

  • Better cooling
  • Reliable service
  • A longer lasting unit
  • Healthier equipment
  • Lower utility bills
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Elevated indoor air quality
  • Fewer technical issues

In the long run, these homeowners save time and money while getting the most use out of their cooling units.

Maintenance is a preventative service. Because your technician delivers high quality care before signs of repairs have developed, he or she stops damage from occurring at all. During maintenance, your technician focuses on restoring the health, efficiency, safety and performance quality of the air conditioner. To do this, he or she:

  • Visually inspects the unit, inside and out
  • Precision-cleans the unit
  • Cleans and clears the condensate lines
  • Replaces the air filter
  • Inspects the air ducts for leaks and obstruction
  • Removes buildup and microbiological growth
  • Tests for gas leaks, water leaks and refrigerant leaks
  • Re-calibrates the thermostat
  • Monitors cooling for hiccups
  • Adjusts wires, motors, fans and belts

Maintenance helps prevent up to 90 percent of all future repairs and damage. To get your air conditioner the best care, schedule AC maintenance once a year.

Superior Heating in Bodega

Plumbing maintenance begins with your water heater. Check your water heater for leaks.

Repairs happen for a number of reasons, but everyone will need them at one time or another. Typically, heating repairs are caused by lack of maintenance and general wear. Just like anything else in our homes, over time and over repeated use, parts wear down and do not perform the way they did when new. Furnace repairs in Bodega restore optimal performance, restoring safety and efficiency.

When heating repairs are left unattended, they develop into serious and permanent damage. In severe cases, the entire unit may be beyond repair, requiring full replacement. To avoid this, be sure to know when you need heating repairs in Bodega and call your technicians as soon as you can.

You likely need furnace repairs if you experience:

  • Irregular heating
  • Short cycling
  • Poor heat temperatures
  • Have smelly air from the vents
  • Hear worrying noises
  • Low indoor air quality
  • General discomfort

The sooner you call, the more your technician can do to help restore safe and efficient heating. Prompt repairs also help your furnace last longer and work they way you want.

The Best Bodega Heating and Air Conditioning from Moore Home Services

At Moore Home Services has exceptional heating and air conditioning in Bodega, but we also lead in superior customer care. Here, we believe that what is good for you is also good for us. Plus, if your service is not 100 percent right, it is 100 percent free.

Work with Moore Home Services for the best HVAC in Bodega. Please request an appointment at your convenience.

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