Natural Ways to Heat Your Home

No matter what, winter comes every year. There’s not a lot we can do about it. But we can do something about how we heat our homes. When it comes to central heating, nothing beats an HVAC system; if you want to give your home heating system an extra boost, try some of these natural ways to heat your home.

Seal Any Visible Leaks

Believe it or not, tiny cracks truly make a difference; especially when it comes to keeping warm. Taking some time to seal any cracks around your windows will have a noticeable change in how warm your home is. Small openings let cold air in and warm, treated, air escape. A simple caulking should suffice for small cracks.

Invest in Thick Curtains

We all know blackout curtains help keep your home cool through the summer, but they also help during winter as well. Heavy curtains add a thermal lining between the cold window and your warm home. If the idea of shelling out a lot of money on new curtains isn’t appealing, some DIY tricks work too. Shower liners or fleece blankets are great options for curtain substitutes.

Leverage Sunlight

You know those thick curtains we just told you about? Don’t forget to open them during the day. The sun’s natural heat will help warm your home, just be sure to close the curtains once dusk falls. Leaving the curtains open too long after dark will allow all the natural heat you brought in to escape.

Clear Furniture Away from Radiators

It can truly feel amazing to put your reading chair or comfy couch against the radiator; but if you want to heat the rest of your house, this is not a good idea. By blocking the radiator with any furniture, you run the risk of trapping warm air. Allow that heat to flow freely and move any furniture away from your radiator or wall vents.

Put a Shelf Above the Radiator

While we’re on the topic of radiators, installing a floating shelf above the radiator can help with heat circulation. A well-placed shelf will stop warm air from rising too high too fast. The shelf will then force that air out towards the rest of your home. Click here to get some ideas for how to hang a floating shelf.

Cover Your Floors

Rugs do more than tie a room together, they can be a natural way to heat your home. Floors are responsible for a significant amount of heat loss, and a well-placed rug or carpet can trap heat before it escapes through the floorboards. Also, you get the bonus of walking on a warmer surface than tile or wood.

Shower with the door open

We know this sound silly but stay with us for a moment. Leaving the door open when you shower can have huge benefits for your house. Not only does the heat from your shower radiate through the home, any steam can help keep moisture in the air. During the winter, air can be noticeably drier. Allowing shower steam to permeate the house will help humidify your home.

Check Your Filter

Is your heat turned all the way up but you’re still feeling a little chilly? Check your air filter! A dusty, dirty air filter will restrict air flow from your system; potentially leading to cooler, and polluted, air in your home. Homeowners should be changing their air filter at least twice every year, if not more. A new air filter will allow your air system to work efficiently and disperse the best air.

Get a Draft Stopper

It may seem small, but when the wind is whipping and the cold is creeping in, the crack under the door is your worst enemy. Just like any cracks around your windows, a significant amount of warm air can escape from under the door. Additionally, this little space lets in a lot of cold air. A cloth draft stopper will stop cold air from coming in, and trap warm air inside.

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