Our Technician Carries In The Bulky Package And Then Comes Through With An AC Fix On A Super Hot Day

Moore Home Services technicians are always looking for ways big and small to deliver the little extras. Our technician Darryl did a Good Deed recently that hardly took anytime at all, but made his client very happy. It was a sweltering day of 100+ degrees in Sacramento when Darryl showed up to fix an AC unit. He also noticed a big box at the door. “As soon as my client answered the door, my first instinct is to ask if I can carry it in for her,” he said. “It was bulky and I thought it would help her.” She said yes and was very pleased for the help. Darryl carried in the big box and then got right to work on the air conditioning problem. Happily, he was able to deliver more than just a package – he also delivered some cool air by fixing the AC unit. “She was very thankful about everything,” Darryl said. Darryl, thanks for finding little ways to make things better for your clients with Good Deeds For Free!