Selling Your North Bay Home? Why You Should Replace Your Home AC Unit

Home buyers in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa and the surrounding area in today’s market are looking for a comfortable, beautiful place they can call home – and it’d better have an efficient AC unit. Should you replace yours?

If you’re planning to sell your home within the next year, there are many things to consider. You’ll need to make decisions regarding renovations, decide what’s worth upgrading, and weigh the financial burden of home upgrades against the possibility of making a sale. As one of the largest purchases (and possibly the most important), a new home heating and cooling system will no doubt be one of the first things a seller should consider.

Would I get my money back if I replaced my old AC unit before selling my home?

The answer depends. But it’s almost certainly yes if your AC unit is more than 10-15 years old, depending on usage.  When selling a home, you’re required to divulge the age of the cooling and heating system. And when you consider the higher energy usage and future maintenance a 20-year old system will  require, potential buyers are more likely to low-ball you when they make an offer on your home.

A new top-of-the-line model might not be worth the investment. But if your unit is in danger of catching the attention of the home inspector, a standard new installation could save you hassle – and attract buyers.

On the other hand,  a new air conditioner could be a positive selling point for your home and help you get asking price. The cost of a new AC system can run somewhere between $3,500 and $6,500 for the average home. If you install a new AC, you can bundle it into the asking price. You have a good chance of getting back the price you paid, and attract buyers.

Are potential home buyers really interested in homes with a new AC System?

Yes! Home buyers nowadays are aware that outdated AC systems can leave certain rooms in the house too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Likewise, today’s homeowners are more aware of HVAC requirements and are more particular when it comes to what their AC can and will provide in the years to come. Here are the things potential homebuyers are looking for in an air conditioner:

Energy efficiency

As of 2015, law requires that AC units sold in California must have a Seer rating of no less than 14. The younger generation of home buyers is not only conscious when it comes to their carbon footprint, they are also mindful of monthly and yearly cost. They will know that an outdated AC system will use more energy.

Smart technology

Tech-advanced HVAC systems are convenient in that homeowners can adjust the indoor temperature, set timers, and more, all through an app on their computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Even equipping your home with a smart thermostat could make or break a purchase.

It’s no secret that the younger generations are very tech-savvy – constantly seeking out the latest and greatest in technological advancements. Even when they’re shopping for a home! Consider a new HVAC system with  thermostat you can control from your smartphone… something like this is sure to turn a few heads of potential home buyers.

Low maintenance lifestyle

Aging baby boomers and millennials are seeking low maintenance alternatives to the things they use every day. An outdated HVAC system simply isn’t as reliable. Not just because it has a higher chance of needing maintenance down the line, but because new and improved systems are easier to maintain. Replacement parts for new HVAC systems are easier to find and install. Plus, newer systems are more environmentally friendly. For example, using ozone-friendly coolants instead of freon.

If you’re selling your home and just can’t decide if a new HVAC system is worth the money, talk to a Moore Home Services specialist. Our heating and cooling experts are happy to talk about air conditioning product options or help you keep your old unit up and through the inspection and sale.