Signs There’s Something Wrong with My Tap Water

We should be able to trust the water that comes into our home. For the most part, we can. When something goes wrong with your tap water, most of the time it’s not because of the general water supply, but instead from something in your home plumbing system. If you’re asking, is there something wrong with my tap water, here are some signs to watch for.

There’s an Odd Odor

Water should never have an odor. Fortunately for us, our nose knows when something is off. The only exception is chlorine, that’s actually a good smell to have coming from your water. For the most part, most smells coming from your water are harmless, but worthy of getting checked out. Here are some of the most common water smells customers complain about:
  • Sulfur – Sulfur is a surprisingly common smell. It doesn’t come from your water supply, but instead from your water heater. Over time, hard water will leave mineral deposits in your water heater’s tank. These mineral deposits can flake off and that’s where the sulfur smell comes from. Generally, a water heater flush should be enough to eliminate the smell.
  • Sewage – Most homeowners smell sewage and think something is wrong with their pipes. However, a sewage smell can normally be attributed to backup in your sink. When food scraps and other organic matter get caught in your drain and collect in the p-trap sewage gas can come up through your drain. Usually, homeowners only notice it when go to turn the tap on.
  • Chlorine – It’s normal to smell chlorine coming from your tap. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses chlorine to treat public water. Chlorine is a vital part of keeping drinking water safe and healthy.
  • Fish – Now this is where you run into trouble. Harmful algae can bloom in water reservoirs and other basins. When algae blooms interact with chlorine it can create a strong fish odor. This is when it’s time to call your water service provider to let them know there could be some toxic water in their supply.
Still worried about a strange smell? There are preliminary steps you can take at home before calling out a plumber. Hardware stores like at Home Depot, Lowes, or your local Ace sell a water testing kit. Simply test your water and see what the results say. Need to call in the pros? The plumbing experts at Moore Home Services are on hand to answer all your water related questions.

There are Some Clouds in Your Water

Does water straight from your tap look a little cloudy or hazy? Though you may be worried, we’re telling you not to fret until you check one thing first. Pour a glass of water and watch the haze. Does it dissipate after a few minutes? Thousands of tiny air bubbles can form when your home’s water pressure is too high. When left to sit, the air bubbles simply pop and remove themselves. You may have a problem if your water doesn’t clear up. The most common issue is hard water. As we mentioned above, hard water can leave mineral deposits in your water heater. They can also leave those mineral deposits in your tap water. Another common reason for hazy or cloudy tap water is that there is dirt or sand in your pipes.

Is There Something Wrong with My Tap Water if it Leaves a Reside

It’s a general rule of thumb that any water coming from your tap should never leave a stain or residue. However, there are some very normal reasons why this may occur. If you see a pink or light rust staining, that’s from the aforementioned hard water. While not harmful, it’s annoying to clean. The other, and more alarming reason could be your copper pipes. Over time, copper can rust and corrode. Because of this, parts of the pipe itself can flake off into your water, contaminating it before the water has a chance to reach your home. The plumbers at Moore Home Services can inspect your pipes with a camera to see if this is the case.

You’re Tasting something Metallic

Unless you have braces, the taste of metal has no business being in your mouth. However, if you do taste metal in your tap water, your tongue is not lying. There are a few reasons your water could taste metallic. The first is because of corroding copper pipes. Just like we mentioned above, corrosion can cause your water to leave a reside, and leave a metallic taste in your mouth. We’re going to keep talking about hard water. Another cause for water tasting a bit metallic can be traced back to hard water deposits in your water heater. A good way to test this is to try a sip of water from the warm tap and then from the cold tap. Does the water from the warm tap taste like metal? Yes? Your water heater is to blame.

Test Your Tap Water with Moore Home Services

Want to know the exact state of your tap water and home plumbing system? Moore Home Services offers a Plumbing Safety Inspection for Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and North Bay homeowners. During this inspection, one of our expert plumbers will run a camera through your pipes, test your tap water, and check your water pressure. To schedule an appointment, call the number at the top of the screen or click here to request an appointment online.