Technician Brightens Day Of Mom And Young Daughter

Moore Home Services technician Jeff found a way to help a stressed-out mom recently. It all started when Jeff was at a home doing a diagnostic test and a phone call came in announcing schools would be shut down another month. The young daughter in the house heard it and shouted “YAY!” Jeff joined in the spirit and shouted “YAY” too. But then Jeff looked at mom, whose face said anything but “YAY.” Jeff decided he needed a different approach. He needed to buy the mom some time by giving the daughter something fun to do. So he showed the daughter how to create her own puzzle by drawing and coloring a picture, cutting it up, and then putting it back together. The girl loved it and dove right into the project. Jeff told mom, “I think I just bought you 4 hours.” This finally got a “YAY” even from mom! “It really did seem to lighten the mom’s load for the day,” Jeff said. “It was nice to be able to help a little bit.” Thanks Jeff for another Good Deed For Free from Moore Home Services.