Technician Steps Into Help Man Down On The Pavement

At Moore Home Services, we love to do Good Deeds For Free, and not just for our clients. We want to help anyone in the community that needs it.

Our technician Nick put that into action recently when he was driving through Sebastopol and spotted a person down on the pavement.

He was on his way to lunch but decided to pull into the small supermarket parking lot to see what was going on and figure out if he could help.

When he pulled up, Nick could see a wheelchair near the car, and it was clear the man was battling some health issues. But at the moment, all the man wanted was someone to help him into his car and get his wheelchair into the trunk, and Nick did exactly that.

Nick said the man was very appreciative that he stopped and was surprised no one else seemed to notice.

Thanks Nick for reminding us to slow down and see others, and for showing that Good Deeds For Free are for our entire community, not just our clients!