Technician Takes Care Of Garage Door Gremlins For A Happy Client

Our clients love that we are always willing to do little extras we call Good Deeds For Free.

For example, our technician Francisco was wrapping up a recent service call and was talking to the homeowner about anything else that might need done around the house.

She mentioned that her garage door opener was acting strangely but said, ‘that’s probably not something you can’t help with.’

Well, maybe we can, and maybe we can’t – but we’re sure willing to try!

So Francisco tested the garage door opener and it appeared to have a mind of its own. You’d hit the button to close the door and it would begin closing, but then instantly pop back up.

After giving it a closer inspection, Francisco saw some sensors on the garage door rail that weren’t properly aligned. He made a few adjustments, re-tried it, and it worked perfectly!

Goodbye garage door gremlins, hello to another very happy client.

Francisco, thanks for another Good Deed For Free!