Technician Uses Old Carpenters Tricks to Save The Day

When Moore Home Services technician Rama was recently entering a client’s home, he noticed the door was very loosely latched.

Once his tune-up was finished, he decided to mention it to the homeowner.

“I noticed that loose door of yours,” Rama said. “Actually, I have a trick to tighten it up and keep it tight if you’re interested.”

“Absolutely, that’d be great,” the homeowner said. “Every time we tighten up the latch, it just comes loose again.”

“Got any toothpicks?” Rama asked with a smile.

“Toothpicks?” The homeowner wasn’t expecting that request but was able to locate some in her kitchen.

Rama cut them into pieces, packed the old screw-holes with them, then made them flush. After that the screws clamped down nice and tight.

“Interesting,” the client said. “I’ve never seen that before!”

It helps that Rama is a hobbyist woodworker, and learned that as screw are twisted in, they expand into the soft toothpick wood and lock into place.

That’s another happy homeowner and another Good Deed For Free from Moore Home Services. Great job, Rama!