What are the different types of duct cleaning?

Ever seen those advertisements for a $49 Duct Cleaning is your local mailer? Ever wonder if it’s too good to be true? Is it a scam? It might be… Let’s explore duct cleaning some more!

There are two major types of duct cleaning equipment.

Respectable duct cleaning companies mainly utilize two recognized systems for cleaning your ductwork. A Rotary Brush system or a Push/Pull Vacuum System. Both systems work at removing dirt and debris from your ducting, but they are both very different in what they accomplish.
As a reminder, these two systems are generally deemed the to most acceptable forms of duct cleaning available on the market today. As you can see however, these acceptable systems are very different from each other.
However, what you don’t want to happen is having a company like this come into your home and perform a “Duct Cleaning Special”…
Feature Rotary Brush System Push/Pull Method (This is what we do)
  Negative Air Pressure Produced Typical Vacuum Airflow is around 150-300cfm Typical Vacuum Airflow is around 2000cfm
  Size of debris that can be removed The size of the nozzle is the limiting factor here. Larger debris can block the vacuum Larger toys, construction debris, dead rodents, and more can be dislodged and removed from the ductwork
  Integrated Coil Cleaning Not typical and limited at best Yes
  Recommended for systems with Dampers Brush cannot pass through dampers Air Hose is small enough to pass through Dampers
  Ability to handle sharp turns in smaller diameter ductwork Vacuum hose is usually 3 inch diameter and is prone to getting stuck Air Sweep and brush are less than 1 inch in diameter