Why Does My Home Smell Like a Sewer After It Rains?

One of the many things we love about living in Santa Rosa is that it doesn’t snow. In fact, winters in California are very mild compared to the rest of the country. Despite this, there is a winter in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. Our winters usually consist of rain, an average of 38 inches to be exact. Unfortunately, for some homeowners, their home smells like a sewer after it rains. If this is happening to you, don’t fret, there are things you can do and reasons your home smells like a sewer when it rains.

First, Blame Bacteria

Your plumbing system was made to be a tunnel for waste. When we talk about waste in this sense, we’re talking about human and organic waste. The majority of organic waste comes from things that are dumped down the sink; think, food scraps. If too much is dumped down the sink and there’s a backup, an awful smell can develop. If you smell a funk, get it fixed, this smell could also be toxic. Do you know what a u-trap is? It’s the place where all your wastewater sits. he trap itself creates a seal and acts as a barrier between the strong sewer smell and the rest of your home. Over time, the u-trap can break down which will lead to a pungent odor of sewer in your home after it rains.

Don’t Disregard the Septic Tank

Is your home on a septic tank? If so, that could be the cause of your home smelling like sewage after a rainy day. If you live on a septic tank and smell sewage in your home, there is a high probability the septic tank is to blame. Over time, septic tanks get old, see a lot of wear, and begin to fail. When rainwater absorbs itself into the ground it looks for the lowest point—which is usually at the bottom of your septic tank. If your septic tank is leaking, the rainwater will force out a sewage smell through the pipes and sometimes even into your backyard. If you suspect this is the case, don’t wait to call a professional plumber.

Your Water Barrier or P-Trap is Dried Out

Every one of your plumbing fixtures has a p-trap, sometimes known as a water barrier. Do you have any plumbing fixtures—like a shower or sink—that isn’t used too often? If so, this could be the cause of a post-rain sewage smell. When a plumbing appliance or fixture in your home does not see a lot of use, the p-trap can dry out. If you have a sink or shower in your home that does not see too much use. Be sure to turn on the water and give the drain a little rinse. The flow will rewet the water barrier and help wash away the sewage smell.

Cracked Pipes and Clogged Drains

When it comes to a sewage smell in your home after rain, the most common culprits are cracked pipes and clogged drains. If you have trees in your yard, roots are a common cause of cracked or broken pipes. In addition, tree roots can also crack your septic tank. As for a clogged drain, when drains backup, they’re usually full of biological material, usually food scraps, hair, and cleaning materials. If your sink is clogged, pressure from the rain can force the smell of everything caught in the backup to waft through your home.

Does Your Home Smell Like a Sewer After it Rains? Call Us.

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