Why You Shouldn’t Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner

We’ve all been there. After a long day you get home and want nothing more than to cook dinner and wind down. Unfortunately, a clogged drain can get in the way of any relaxing plans. When this happens, homeowners too often reach for a chemical drain cleaner to clear their pipes. We’re here to tell you why this is a bad idea and why you shouldn’t use a chemical drain cleaner.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Do More Harm Than Good

Though it seems like a fail-safe solution, chemical drain cleaners do more harm to your pipes and plumbing system than almost anything else. Chemicals used to un-clog drains are incredibly corrosive, which will lead to major damage down the road. Plumbing chemicals can melt PVC pipes, crack toilet bowls, and even dissolve the adhesive keeping your pipes together. Though Drano is a cheap solution, the damage it can cause it incredibly expensive.

Plumbing Chemicals are Dangerous

If a chemical drain cleaner can do that much damage to your pipes, think of what it could do to your skin, eyes, and even lungs. In addition to being corrosive, drain cleaners are caustic; which means they can burn through organic tissue, like your skin. It’s too easy for a spill to happen. Also, if you have used a chemical to burn through a clog, it’s best practice to not use the sink, toilet, or drain for 24 hours. Why? The harsh chemicals make it unsafe for humans to be around the treated drain. Plumbers won’t even touch a drain treated with a chemical drain cleaner for at least 24 hours.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Do Not Play Well with Others

When we say “others,” we mean any other chemicals or drain treatments. If you plunge a drain recently treated with Drano, the caustic chemicals can splash and burn your skin or eyes. Over the counter plumbing chemicals will sit in your pipes until they burn through the blockage. If a plumber goes in there with a rooter, or any other equipment, they could be contaminated with the harmful chemicals.

Plumbing Chemicals Are Bad for the Environment

Another reason you shouldn’t use Drano is because of the environment. Let’s say you do dump some plumbing chemicals down your drain, they need to go somewhere after, right? As Drano, and other corrosive chemicals, exist your pipes, they can easily contaminate water systems, plants, or anything else in the surrounding area. An animal could even drink it.

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