Why Your Toilet is Gurgling

We all know what a toilet flush sounds like, but what if your toilet is making a strange noise? More specifically, what does it mean when your toilet is making a gurgling noise? Oftentimes, the gurgle itself is easily explained. When air is forced through a water fixture’s trap and builds up in the drainpipe, it makes a gurgling noise. The noise could indicate air being forced in or out. The harder part of the question is why. We’re sharing some reasons why your toilet is gurgling, and what you should do when you hear this noise.

Improper Ventilation and Reverse Suction

Strategically placed vents throughout your plumbing system allow air to flow freely, but what happens when those vents are clogged? Air can buildup and your toilet will start gurgling. If these vents are clogged, other appliances—such as a dishwasher—will create a reverse suction, essentially pulling air from your toilet and making it gurgle.

A Simple Clog

Sometimes, your gurgle can be from a clogged pipe. If a clog, or large object, is stuck in your drainpipe it can cause your toilet to gurgle. Oftentimes, a clog can come from roots, sediments, and other debris; but the culprit could be lurking in your own home. Here’s a quick refresher of what to not flush down your toilet:

  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Baby Wipes
  • Dental Floss
  • Cotton Balls
  • Diapers
  • Paper Towels

If you suspect a large clog is the reason your toilet is gurgling, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber.

Faulty Parts and Equipment

Do you know what a flapper is? We’re not talking about the “it” girl of the 1920s, we’re talking about a part of your toilet. The flapper, or flush valve seal, is the plug that holds water in the tank until the next flush. The average flapper lasts around 4-5 years, and when it fails, you’ll know because your toilet will be gurgling.

Try This First

If you have a plunger handy, a quick plunge might be all you need. But this isn’t your normal plunging job; this requires a little more work. Before attempting to plunge your toilet, it’s important to seal your surrounding drains. To do this, all you need is a role of duct tape. Tape over your bathroom’s shower, tub, and sink drains before using your plunger. An open drain can allow plunged air to escape; you want that air to be specifically for your toilet. Once you’ve sealed the drains, place the plunger’s head over the toilet’s sink hole and plunge about 10 times. If your toilet is still gurgling, it’s time for professional help.

Call Moore Home Services

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