How to Improve Your Water Quality with Pipe Replacement

Plumbing issues such as old pipes or leaks can cause many different issues with your water pipes, including poor water quality. A full system pipe replacement can improve the quality of your water immediately. Here we will share with you the benefits of pipe replacement and when you may need it.

First, What Happens if Your Pipes Are Old?

As your plumbing ages, a variety of problems can come up with your plumbing system, which will negatively impact your water quality. Here are a few ways old pipes affect your water, your home, and your life.


Old pipes break down over time and become weak. The older the plumbing system, the more fragile the pipes. This causes leaks in your water pipes and damage to your home. If old pipes have led to a leak in one area, it’s possible that there are or will soon be leaks in another area. Replacing them all at once is the best way to avoid leaks popping up one after another.


As time goes on, the inside of your pipes will deteriorate due to being in constant contact with water and minerals. This causes corrosion and rust to accumulate in your water pipes and ultimately leads to ruptures, leaks, pressure buildup, and mineral clogs. The only way to rid your pipes of corrosion is to have them replaced.

Emergency Repairs

Unexpected leaks and large cracks can occur in your water pipes if they are corroded or old. This could result in costly emergency repairs that require a licensed plumber. Having all of your pipes replaced will help you avoid bigger, more expensive plumbing issues later.

Dirty, Bad-Tasting Water

As previously mentioned, old pipes are more prone to corrosion and leaks that let dirt and minerals into the water supply. If you’ve noticed orange-colored rust and dirt in your water or that it has a bad taste or smell, this is usually due to a leak or corrosion in the pipes. More than just gross drinking water, dirty, foul-tasting water makes foul-tasting coffee, soup, pasta, and anything else you cook in your home. It can lead to your hair smelling funny after a shower or unpleasant sink smells after washing your hands. Dirty water creates a dirty, unsanitary home.

How New Pipes Improve Your Water Quality

Everyone wants clean, fresh water. But instead of installing expensive filters, buying new refrigerators, or purchasing store-bought water bottles, you can create better water right at home. One of the most effective ways to improve your water quality is to replace your water pipes.

New Pipes Provide Cleaner Water

Dirty water is usually caused by corroded old pipes or by a leak. It is unsafe and unpleasant to look at and consume. A pipe replacement will rid your water system of these issues, and you’ll have clean water with no foul smells.

New Pipes Are Free From Corrosion

Once your pipe replacement is complete, you’ll no longer see pieces of rust, minerals, or dirt in your drinking water. Cleaner water is safer to drink, creating a healthier environment for your family.

New Pipes Are All Made From The Same Materials

When your pipes are patched up and slapped together with a variety of metals, the interaction causes them to break down faster. A new plumbing system This will help prolong the life of your plumbing system.

Other Reasons to Replace Your Water Pipes

Decreased Risk Of Weak Or Busted Pipes

When your pipes are old they become weak. A pipe replacement will help make sure that your water pipes are strong and will not burst anytime soon. This will avoid emergency repairs and assure you that your water pipes won’t have as many problems in the future.

Increased Property Values

Did you know that updating your plumbing system with new pipes can actually increase the value of your home? This is because all of your pipes will be strong and new and will have a longer lifespan than old, weak pipes leading to fewer problems. So whether you’re planning on remodeling your home or selling it, replacing your pipes can help increase the property value.

Can You Replace Plumbing Pipes Yourself?

While you can replace smaller parts of your plumbing system, like showerheads, faucets, and small leaks, completely on your own, replacing your pipes should be done by a professional. Licensed plumbers have the experience, skills, and equipment to do the job properly. They also will be able to ensure the safety of your home and you during the process.

Call Moore Home Services and Improve Your Water Quality

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