The Perks of Regular Drain and Sewer Camera Inspections

Homeowners can face many inconveniences with their plumbing system. Things like clogged pipes, a blocked sewer, or leaky older pipes can cause a huge headache. When materials such as wet wipes, food, paper towels, grease, or debris go down the drain, clogs in the pipes and sewer lines can easily form. But these potential problems can be identified long before they occur when you complete a drain and sewer camera inspection. Here we will share with you why these inspections are important and how they can actually save you money in the long run.

What Is A Drain And Sewer Camera Inspection?

Drain and sewer inspections give a plumber a total, real-time view of your sewer lines and drains. This inspection is done by inserting a flexible cable with a fiber optic camera into your drains to view your water pipes. The cable is then remote-controlled to steer through your plumbing system and reveal any existing or potential issues.

When Do I Need A Drain & Sewer Camera Inspection?

Whether your home is older or you’re experiencing performance issues, here are a few reasons that a drain and sewer camera inspection may be recommended for your plumbing system.

Sewer Back-Up

If you’ve seen your sewer backing up recently, then an inspection will help locate the issue. There can be more issues for pipes than just a simple clog. Problems like roots growing through your sewer line can also cause a sewer line back-up.

Old Home Or Purchasing A New Home

Old plumbing systems are more susceptible to forming leaks or clogs in your water pipes. With a camera inspection, a plumber will be able to find any potential problems and resolve them quickly.
The same goes for when you just purchased a new home. A camera inspection will be able to evaluate the state of your plumbing system, which will help to ease your mind that your pipes are free from issues.

Low water pressure

If you’ve noticed that your shower isn’t as strong as it should be, it’s a sign of low water pressure. Usually, low water pressure is caused by clogs or leaks in your water pipes.

Perks To Regular Drain And Sewer Camera Inspections

If you want to make sure that your plumbing system is in top condition and save money long term then you’ll want to get a drain and sewer camera inspection.

Locates Water Leaks

Regular camera inspections will locate where leaks or weak pipes are in your plumbing system. This will leave the guessing out of trying to find the leaks with more invasive tactics. This helps the plumber locate the exact spot where repairs are needed.

Identifies Blockage

Sewers and drains can become blocked for many different reasons. Whether it be debris and grease in your pipes or tree roots growing through your sewer.
  A camera inspection will reveal what repairs are needed, what tools should be used, and if any surrounding damage must also be repaired. This will also reveal if a simple DIY approach will work for clogged pipes or if a more complex approach is needed to fix them.

Pipe Condition Evaluation

When your pipes and sewer are in optimum condition you can be sure that you won’t have any issues. A camera inspection will confirm that your plumbing system is reliable and strong or point out any signs of broken pipes or corrosion. This will let you know if replacing your pipes is necessary.

Quick Repairs

You can end the guessing game of trying to figure out where a leak or clog is at. The camera inspection will find this quickly and allow the plumber to make a quick fix. You’ll also be able to spot any potential problems that can be fixed before they turn into larger issues.

Protects Your Lawn

Before drain and sewer camera inspections, plumbers used to dig trenches next to your plumbing pipes to locate a clogged or broken pipe. With this new technology, your trees, grass, and shrubs will not be disturbed.

Helps You Save Money

Emergency repair bills can be pricey. A camera inspection will help to identify potential issues before they grow and need emergency intervention and repair. This will help you save money and future stress.

How Much Does It Cost?

High-quality drain inspection cameras cost between $1,000 to $15,000, so it’s not something the average homeowner usually has on hand. Operating it also requires specialized training and the experience to know what you’re looking at. The average cost of an inspection completed by a professional is approximately $125.[1] Moore Home Services team has the proper tools and experience to give your plumbing system a drain and sewer camera inspection. Schedule your appointment with our team today!