Is a Whole House Water Filter Worth It?

At Moore Home Services, we believe your water is more than just what comes out of a tap or faucet. It’s how you bathe your children, wash your clothes, and make your food. The water in your home is how you nourish your body and keep your pets hydrated. When we talk to homeowners about water filtration, the most common question we hear “is a whole house water filter worth it?” We say absolutely, as long as you’re getting the best one. There are some pitfalls with some whole house water filters. Some require routine maintenance, while others use chemicals and additives to purify your water. If you want to learn why the HALO 5 is worth it, read on.

What is the HALO 5?

Simply put, the HALO 5 is the whole house water filter most recommended by Moore Home Services. When it comes to run of the mill water filters, there are a few drawbacks. Many water filters are made to service a single tap or faucet. Others require salt additives, softeners, or some other chemical and maintenance. One of the primary reasons we recommend the HALO 5 is because it requires no upkeep. No filters need to be changed, no maintenance needed; all you need to do is forget it’s there and enjoy clean, safe water.

Sounds Interesting, How Does it Work?

The HALO 5 gets its name from the five levels of filtration water goes through before entering your home. Filter number one, made of granular activated carbon, takes general impurities, including: dyes fuels, heavy metals, disinfectants, pesticides, and odors out of your water. Filter number two is dedicated to chlorine. As we’ve written before, chlorine is used to clean any public water that’s traveled or originated outside. Filter number three captures dust sized particles that can contaminate your water while filter number four works to removes even smaller particles. The fifth filter alters the structure of your water by positively and negatively charging naturally occurring ions. This helps soften the water, negating any need for a chemical additive.

Why is This Whole House Water Filter Worth It?

Modern homes are outfitted with smart technology, the HALO 5 is essentially smart technology for your water. The HALO 5 is outfitted with a smart valve, ensuring you can use it during a power outage. As we’ve mentioned before, other filters require salts or softeners, the HALO 5 doesn’t need any maintenance or additives to keep your water fresh, pure, and healthy. Additionally, the HALO 5 softens hard water—which we know is a problem for many Santa Rosa area homeowners. By softening the water before it reaches your home’s pipes, the HALO 5 saves your plumbing system from the scale and corrosion brought on by hard water.

Still Thinking About It? Call Moore Home Services!

If you’re still wondering, if a whole house water filter is worth it, we’re here to tell you yes, and here to help with any other questions. Moore Home Services was recently Diamond Certified for our 8th year in a row. We proudly provide HVAC and plumbing services to our Santa Rosa community. To schedule an appointment, click here to book online or reach out to one of our friendly call center representatives.