What Size HVAC do I Need?

We’ve all heard the saying, “bigger is better.” However, when it comes to HVAC, this simply isn’t true. In Santa Rosa we constantly hear people asking for the “biggest and best” when it comes to HVAC; specifically, when we consider how high temperatures can reach in either of our locations. Yes, large HVAC units are needed for larger buildings, but installing an improperly sized HVAC system can actually do a lot more harm than good. The same goes for smaller HVAC units as well. Whenever a customer asks, “what size HVAC do I need,” we refer them to the Goldilocks principle. There’s too big, too little, and just right.

Why Too Big is a Problem

Believe it or not, a too large AC system can cause a huge laundry list of problems. The first and most obvious problem is if your energy bill makes a huge jump during the summer. It’s natural, expected even, for your energy bill to go up a little bit during the summer. Many Santa Rosa homeowners are running their central AC all day. The surprise is if that bill jumps to monumental proportions. If you’re consistently seeing higher than normal energy bills, it’s a sign your AC system might be too big for your home. Perhaps the largest issue with a system that’s too big for your home is short cycling. The average AC system runs for as long as it takes to properly cool a home; in most cases about 30 minutes. During this cycle, the machine works to cool your home and even out your home’s humidity levels. If a system short cycles, it’s unable to complete everything before it shuts off. While this will keep your home cool, it’ll also ensure your home is humid. Over time, if your humidity levels go unchecked it could lead to mold and mildew growth. Another issue with short cycling is your AC’s compressor. When the air conditioner constantly turns on and off without proper time to fully cycle, it puts unnecessary strain on the compressor. This strain or pressure could cause serious damage to the compressor, in some cases, we’ve seen the compressor totally fail. And, in the case of a broken or failed compressor, sometimes it’s more cost effective to replace the whole unit.

Why Too Small is a Problem

On the contrary, an HVAC system that’s too small can create just as many issues. While a too large HVAC system can short cycle, a system that’s too small never gets the chance to cycle, it’s always running. This too can cause much higher than normal utility bills, but without the added bonus of a cool, comfortable home. When an air conditioner is too small, it’s constantly trying to cool the home and reach the temperature programmed on the thermostat. Since the AC system is too small, instead that system keeps running and running, never getting a break or a chance to cycle. Over time, a system that never rests will need massive amounts of maintenance. Also, chances are it won’t even cool your home. The rooms closest to the unit will be cool, but the rest of the house will feel uneven. Imagine, all this, plus huge utility bills, all to not keep your home cool.

How HVAC Techs Find the Size That’s Just Right

There’s a reason our techs are constantly learning and training; its because there’s a scientific method to almost everything they do. Before talking to a potential customer about a new system, our techs will go into the home and determine the square footage. This is the first step to determining what size HVAC your home needs. After they determine the square footage of your home, they will figure out how many BTUs—or, British Thermal Unit—are needed to fully cool or heat your home. BTUs are how our techs measure the necessary energy to treat the air in your home. When all of these numbers are calculated, a tech can determine what size HVAC your home needs.

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