Signs Your Main Sewer Line is Clogged

Most of the time, homeowners don’t’ need to think twice about their main sewer line; oftentimes, they never need to worry about their main sewer line until something bad happens. But, when something bad happens with the main sewer line, it has the potential to be a huge disaster. Think raw sewage and significant plumbing damage. Sometimes, it’s easy to mistake a main sewer line clog for a regular stopped up drain. Because of this, we’re sharing signs your main sewer line is clogged.

More Than One Drain is Stopped Up

If more than one drain in your home is backed up, that’s a sign your main sewer line is clogged. We’re not talking about connected sinks backing up, but bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, toilets, showers, and anything else that could clog. Are you seeing your kitchen sink and toilet back up? What about your shower and bathroom sink? If more than one plumbing fixture is stopped up, it’s a sign your main sewer line is clogged.

Water Sometimes Overflows in Other Plumbing Fixtures

Do you flush your toilet and see water appear in the shower? Do you turn on the washing machine and hear a sink gurgling? This is a sure sign your main sewer line is clogged. When your main sewer line is clogged, wastewater has nowhere to go, therefore it’ll try and escape through any other means; usually through another drain in your home. Your main sewer line is like a major highway, all traffic should be able to move freely up and down the highway. Once there’s a backup on the road—or a clog in your main sewer line—the traffic will come to a stop and have nowhere to go. In the case of your main sewer line, the traffic could be pushed through your shower drain.

Wastewater in Your Sewer Cleanout

If you don’t know what a sewer cleanout is, you’re not alone. A sewer cleanout is a small pipe that grants access to your main sewer line. Generally, it can be found in your basement, garage, or backyard. The sewer cleanout is marked by square stub protruding from the pipe cap. You do not need to unscrew this pipe cap or plug to see if your main sewer line is clogged. Homeowners can inspect the area around the sewer cleanout, if you see wastewater collecting in the general area, it’s almost guaranteed your main sewer line is clogged.

What Causes a Main Sewer Line Clog?

Many things can cause a main sewer line clog, but oftentimes it comes down to two main factors: roots and debris. As plants and tree roots grow, they’re on the hunt for water which includes the water in your plumbing system. These roots can grow into an old pipe, causing it to clog or break. The other main culprit is debris from your home, including, but not limited to toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, and even flushable cleaning cloths.

I Have a Clog Now What?

If you think your main sewer line might be clogged, please call us at Moore Home Services. Our expertly trained plumbers are ready to help with any backup you may have. They start with a camera inspection to see what your plumbing system looks like and provide solutions from there. Please reach out to our friendly call center representatives or click here to request an appointment online.