Technician Hangs Curtains For Delighted Homeowner

Whenever Moore Home Services technician Karl visits a particular client, he knows he’s likely to get some tasty homemade goodies. “Last time I was there she had some Swedish bread.” Karl said. “She always has something good. We were sitting down eating it and I asked her if there was anything she needed help with.” Actually, she did. There were some curtains that needed hanging in the kitchen and a broken shutter in a bedroom. She had everything necessary for the new curtains and to fix the bedroom shutter, so it was no problem for Karl. “I made sure the curtains were hung properly and weren’t hanging too low,” Karl said. This was a long-term loyal client who trusted Karl, so it was especially nice to be able to thank her with a Good Deed For Free. “A long while back there was some confusion on one of the jobs and I came in and explained it all to her,” Karl said. “After that, I’m the only tech she allows to work in her home.” Karl, great job with another Good Deed For Free from Moore Home Services!