Why You Should Air Seal and Insulate Your Home

When you install an HVAC system, you expect it to run properly and correctly heat and cool your home. While most installs go without a hitch, sometimes there can be an outside force affecting your home comfort. If your attic isn’t properly air sealed and insulated, that could have a huge effect on your home’s temperature, personal comfort, and utility bills. If you want to ensure your home is comfortable and your HVAC system is running as efficiently as possible—and keep those bills low—we recommend taking the steps to air seal and insulate your home. We’re sharing the reasons below.

Best Reasons to Air Seal Your Home

Heating and cooling make up a large portion of your utility bills. Nearly 42%, according to Energy Star. That percentage will go up if you haven’t air sealed your home or inspected your insulation. With air leaks, your HVAC system is forced double the amount of work for the same amount of treated air. You’ll see that negative effect on your utility bill. If you’re worried that your home isn’t air sealed and it’s been too long since you’ve checked your insulation, there are a few things you can do. First step is air sealing your home. This will ensure untreated air stays out and your HVAC system and that your system is running at maximum efficiency. The second is to insulate your home. Insulation acts as a natural barrier between your home and the elements. It will stop hot and cold outdoor air from penetrating your home.

Reasons You Should Inspect Your Insulation

While some say that insulation can last up to 100 years; for the majority of homeowners, this simply isn’t true. The most common type of home insulation is blown-in attic insulation. Under the best of circumstances, blown-in attic insulation can last 20-30 years. But most people don’t have the best of circumstances. Attics are home to air leaks, critters, moisture, and other contaminates. If your attic is not air sealed, it lets in moisture that will damage and shorten the lifespan of your insulation.

How Can I Air Seal and Insulate My Home?

If we’re being honest, it’s easy to air seal your windows and door. All it takes is the naked eye and some caulk. During mild weather, visually inspect your windows and door. If you see cracks, caulk them up. You should also inspect the weatherstripping around your front and back doors. The hardest part of air sealing your home is the attic. That is a job best left to the technicians at Moore Home Services. When we come to blow-in any attic insulation, we first check your attic for air leaks and seal those leaks.

Want to Air Seal and Insulate Your Home? We’re Here to Help

Think your home needs air sealing and insulation? If so, call us at Moore Home Services. We are a Diamond Certified plumbing and HVAC company proudly serving Santa Rosa and surrounding communities. Our expertly trained techs are ready to answer any of your insulation questions. To meet your tech, schedule an appointment online or reach out to our friendly call center representatives.