Why Install Radiant Barrier?

We’re finally well into summer and starting to really feel that seasonal heat. There are days it gets so hot we just want to send the sun’s rays back into the sky. What if we told you that’s actually possible? And more than possible, it’s an easy add on to your home. This isn’t magic, it’s radiant barrier and we’re sharing why you would want to install one in your Santa Rosa home.

What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is energy that can be found in electromagnetic waves. Like heat waves. This energy allows heat to transfer from outdoor atmosphere into your home, car, or attic. All this happens without the rays ever actually touching area, just an area or item attracting, and then radiating heat.
This phenomenon can easily be explained by hot cars. When you park your car in direct sun on a summer day, the interior will heat faster and be much warmer than the outdoor air. This same principle can be applied to your home, your attic, and most other enclosed spaces. For example, when it’s 95° outside your attic can easily reach a temperature of 150°. This heat can have detrimental effects on your attic and the things inside of it. Holiday decorations aren’t the only things at risk, your HVAC system and ductwork can sustain damage and begin to fail earlier than normal because of the high heat.

How do Radiant Barrier Work?

Once again, think about a car parked on a hot day. When there’s no shade, the interior of the car gets really hot. But when you put a sunshield up, that changes everything.
Generally, car sunshields are made of a reflective material that sends the sun’s rays back into the atmosphere. Radiant barrier is essentially a sunshield for your home. When used correctly, radiant barrier can act like a mirror. It bounces any radiant energy back into the atmosphere and away from your home. Radiant energy will start by penetrating your roof shingles, then the roof. That heat then transfers to your HVAC system, ductwork, insulation, and anything else in your home. The insulation absorbs the heat and then sends that all down into your home. This makes it harder for your HVAC system to keep everything cool. Radiant barrier alleviates all these problems. It cuts out radiant heat and energy before it can even get into your home.

What is Radiant Barrier Made From?

Radiant barrier is essentially industrial grade tin foil. This doesn’t mean you can use the stuff in your kitchen. That is not strong enough to protect your home from anything but small bugs. This foil is installed in such a way that it creates a gap between your home and the sun. If you remember the foil blankets included in emergency survival kits, radiant barrier is made of similar materials. When it comes to installation, your options are a bit limited. DIY or call a professional. We always recommend calling a professional for a number of reasons. Safety being one of them. However, a home improvement expert can probably help if you’re determined to do it yourself.

What are the Benefits?

Radiant barrier can do a world of good for some of our Santa Rosa homeowners. You should just be sure your home is the right candidate. Oftentimes, radiant barrier make the biggest difference when your furnace and ductwork are in the attic. We talked about it before but preventing your HVAC system from degrading over time is a big priority. At Moore Home Services, we believe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And radiant barrier is great prevention. Also, it helps cut your monthly utility bills 5% to 10%, according to energy.gov. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to reach out.