How Much Should Good Furnace Repair Cost?

Modern furnace systems are usually quite reliable, but problems do arise on occasion. These problems can include everything from poor heating and excessive noise to improper ducting. Some of these issues are relatively inexpensive to address while others are far more costly. Here is a quick rundown on how to tell one from the other when you are contemplating furnace repair in Rohnert Park: Minor issues – Noise and odor issues are usually fairly simple to correct. A quick service call can easily and affordably oil a squeaky part, change out a squealing belt or clean out a clogged duct. Also, these repairs should be completed ASAP as they can not only cause further damage to the unit but may also pose a health risk to the residents of the home. The cost is usually just the price of a routine service call – about $75. Major problems – More complicated repairs can be anything from the replacement of a fan motor or ignition switch to dealing with the electrical or plumbing issues. The final price of these types of repairs will vary with the cost of the needed materials as well as how much time it takes to complete and would fall within the range of $200 – $350. Total replacement – Even the best furnaces wear out over time, although many take a decade or more to do so. Symptoms include inadequate or intermittent heating and continually higher monthly fuel costs. It takes an expert to evaluate a failing system and to recommend a suitable replacement system – from $500 – $3000 depending on the size of the unit needed. For further information on getting the best furnace repair in Santa Rosa or replacement at the most affordable cost, please contact Moore Home Services. Visit us online at or reach our experienced team directly at (707) 410-3524.