Safety Dangers of Space Heaters

Two of every five home fires are started by space heaters. Far too often we see Santa Rosa homeowners use space heaters as a short-term heating solution. Yes, these miniature appliances may seem like a great way to keep a room cozy, but there are many safety dangers associated with space heaters. It’s true that Santa Rosa has hot summers, we’re just coming out of one right now. But it’s also important to keep in mind that Santa Rosa has chilly winters. Because of the comparatively short winter season, we see too many homeowners choosing a space heater over central heating. This is why we’re sharing the safety dangers of space heaters.

Flammable Material

More often than not, space heater fires could have been prevented if the appliance was not close to flammable material. In this case, flammable material includes bedding, carpeting, curtains, clothes, and blankets; so, most things in a bedroom or living room. All space heaters should be kept at least three feet away from any material considered flammable, including your carpets. When space heaters are warmed up and doing their job, there is a significant fire risk. An accidental kick or push could send a carpeted room up in flames.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

When it comes to space heaters, you have two options: electric and fuel-burning. The good news is that electric space heaters do not emit carbon monoxide. The bad news is that any fuel-burning space heater can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, especially if they are running in a space without ventilation. If you choose to run a space heater in your home, make sure to check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, even if you’re using an electric space heater. A functional detector could be the difference between life and death.

Circuit Overload

While space heaters may seem like an efficient heating solution, they use a lot of power. So much power that they should have their own dedicated circuit. Without a dedicated circuit, a space heater that’s simply plugged into the wall, a power strip, or three-prong extension cord could easily “blow a fuse” and potentially cause an electrical fire.

Unattended Consequences

The most common mistake people make with space heaters is leaving them unattended. When it’s cold, nothing feels better than laying down in a warm, heated bed. But, if you do use a space heater, we ask that you turn it off before you go to sleep and never leave it unattended. Especially if you live in a home with children or pets. The best way to avoid this safety danger caused by space heaters is to make sure the space heater is secured on an inflammable surface and the cord is tucked away from any prying fingers or paws.

Curious About Central Heating Options? We Have Answers

If you’re aware of the safety dangers of space heaters and want to spring for central heating, we’re here for you. Our HVAC experts don’t believe in a “one size fits all” solution. They will assess your specific needs and find an individual plan for your home. If you’re in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, or the North Bay call the number at the top of the screen to schedule an appointment. You can also click here to book an appointment online.